How to stay focused to build a business you love

Keep this one thing top of mind

When you’re building a passion-based business, you have to find a way to stay on track to your goal.

You need clarity about why you’re building this business in the first place.

Do you want:

  • More time to travel?
  • More time with your family?
  • More time with your animals?
  • To surround yourself with beautiful things that inspire you?
  • To eat healthy food?
  • To have amazing experiences?
  • To give back to causes that matter to you?

The business is not the end-all; it’s the vehicle or conduit to get you there.

It provides you with the means and the tools to have the influence and life you want for yourself, your family, and those whom you serve, both as clients and in the many ways you’ll give back when you can, because that’s part of your character.

To help you begin to identify your own “whys”, here are some of mine for my business:

  • To help as many women as possible believe they can start their own business and do work they love on their own terms, feeling free and creating the life THEY want, like I have
  • To travel, so I can see with my own eyes the things I’ve dreamed about and read about
  • To know that I am FREE to follow my intuition and make my own decisions
  • To bless my parents for their sacrifices
  • To become financially free, not EVER having to worry again about money
  • To make my own schedule
  • To not be controlled by someone else’s agenda or clock
  • To pay medical bills for friends and family who get sick
  • To live my big dreams and know there was a reason for them all along
  • To make a big, tangible difference in other people’s lives
  • To give away huge, life-changing and life-saving amounts of money to causes that matter to me

These “whys” give my life meaning, which helps me THRIVE.

And that’s living a life with passion.

Now tell me in the comments below, what are your whys?

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