3 ways to still eat those “unhealthy” foods and still watch your belly fat disappear! (I love honey buns and candy and I eat some about everyday)

I love when I am coaching a new client in my Rapid Results Program and I tell them you don’t have to give up your Starbucks or any of that unhealthy food.

(I love honey buns and candy and I eat some about everyday)

1st. Eat /Drink it in the early morning

The reason behind this is it gives you all day to burn those calories off! However, be smart, if you work at a desk job all day I recommend you follow the 2nd strategy.

2nd. Eat /Drink it after your workout

But won’t I mess up my workout I just did? Hmm not really, because if you follow my Rapid Results Workout plan your body should be at 0% and it will need that sugar to replenish.

Also after your workout routine your blood sugar levels are already spiked so go ahead and drink it.

3rd. Power Hour Saturday

So the individuals in my Rapid Results Program know every Saturday for 1 hour they can eat and drink whatever they please!

However they have just 1 hour From the minute the food touches their tongues. I love this method and my personal favorite because it gives you something to look forward to so you don’t completely go cold turkey.

By using these’s 3 methods you will be able to lose that belly fat without giving up your favorite unhealthy foods. Try them this week and let me know how it goes.