How To Use Your Day Job To Build Your Dream Job

The fine art of perfecting your skill on someone else’s dime.

Let’s be real. You hate your day-job and you would give anything to work for yourself. In fact, somedays you just hope they fire you. But then panic sets in because, what would you do if they really did fire you?

You may consider holding on to that day job a while longer. Here’s why.

The bi-vocational entrepreneur lives in two worlds at the same time. You work for someone else while dreaming of one day working for yourself. The key to transitioning from employed to self-employed, is to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

Spend 8–9 hours of your day working on your job, and another 2–3 hours of each day working on yourself — your writing, your platform, your skillset.

Why This Job?

Did you ever wonder why you got the job you have now? You thought it was for the money, right? Not so much. Your day job is not for just paying your bills; it’s for honing your skills.

Most often, the jobs we have on the road to self-employment are placed in our lives on purpose. Each function we have in someone else’s company is a function we will need to have in our own.

We do for others what we will someday need to do for ourselves — that’s how we perfect our skills.

So instead of just “biding time” at your day-job, maximize your time by using what you do for others as an opportunity to hone what you need to do for yourself.

“Perfect your skills on someone else’s dime. It’s the best use of your day-job time.” — Jeff Crume

Originally published at on October 28, 2016.