How Using Scapegoats Hurts Your Confidence

There is a great beauty in taking the high road

We all resort to blaming others sometimes. But you can build much more confidence by finding your own power and operating under the influence of it. Any little thing you can do makes a difference, be it a kindness, or taking an appreciative attitude for the blessings of life.

There is nothing empowering about giving all your power away. Some things should enrage you when injustice occurs, but blaming someone else will shred your own confidence just when you need it most.

Today we see so many examples of finger pointing, it is surprising anyone no which direction to go at all. We notice people blame each other, victims, refugees or immigrants, big government, small government, and sometimes even nature.

But nature used creative and destructive forces to create life. You can do the same. You can accept that not everything is in your control, but just as wisely, many things you wish to blame on others can be influenced by your ability to take personal responsibility.

Improve confidence by claiming your belonging to something greater than yourself. As part of a whole, you cannot easily pick apart every little broken thread and lay blame.

Weave your own dreams, by belonging to the web of life.