Is visualization a real thing?

A written intention materializing across countries and decades.

I tend to be pretty skeptical when it comes to terms like visualization, intentions, and affirmations. But, I have a story that might change your mind — if you are a skeptic like me.

Twenty years ago, while I was in high school, I made a note in my journal at the time that I would have a daughter named Lilia.

Here’s what was happening 20 years ago. It was 1996. The only reason I remember the year is because it was the summer Olympics, and one of the most exciting women’s gymnastics competitions for the US, maybe ever.

I mean, recently has been pretty exciting too, but the ’96 Olympics was the era of the “Magnificent 7,” Bela Karole, Shannon Miller, and Kerri Strug landing on an injured foot and winning the gold medal for one of the most dramatic finishes in all of Olympic history.

The drama and excitement that year was absolutely incredible.

I loved it so much that I literally taped the entire competition (on a VCR) and watched the same routines over and over and over. I would get home from school, make myself ramen noodles, and sit and re-watch the same routines again and again.

Okay, so back to the visualization story…

In addition to the incredible US team that year, there was also an amazing gymnast named Lilia Podkepeyeva from the Ukraine.

I loved her. And, even though she wasn’t American, I was rooting for her all the way! Lilia ended up winning the Individual All-Around gold medal that year. She was the greatest in the world.

I loved her grace, style, form, and even her name.

I didn’t want to forget her name or the excitement of those Olympics. So, I wrote in my journal “My daughter’s name will be Lilia.”

But, I did forget. I have no idea what ever happened to that journal.

Decades later

After a while, I stopped re watching those ’96 Olympic routines and moved on with my life. I went to college, got married, and ended up pregnant with twin girls. We had two daughters in 2008 and we liked the idea of using family names for our children, so we used a variation of our grandparents’ names and we named our twins, Alexandra Carmen and Genevieve Annmarie.

And, then I got pregnant again. I laughed that we were having another girl because I thought we had used up all of the family names. But, then I thought of my husband’s grandmother who was named Lillian. My husband and I both liked that name. And, suddenly I remembered back to writing that name in my journal decades ago.

So, we decided to name her Lillianna after my husband’s grandmother. And, not by coincidence, also the same name that I wrote down decades ago.

So, my answer is yes. Yes, visualization is a real thing. Intentions are powerful. They work.

What do you want in life?

I encourage you to write it down. Believe it with all of your heart. And, then let it go to the point that you forget you ever even wanted it. ❤

PS — Have you taken the Brave & Bold challenge yet? Your life is waiting.