How We Treat Animals Reflects Humanity

Why Adopting a Plant-based Diet is the Solution for World Peace

Although I adopt a plant-based diet, I do not really request my friends and family members to do the same as I respect everyone’s free will, knowing that everyone has its own time for his or her awakening. But today I feel like I must say something because the urgent problems our Mother Earth is currently facing, and the suffering of billions of innocent animals. I believe the urgency of these situations cannot postpone the time for global mass awakening any longer.

If you are still eating meat for your pleasure, please take a moment to reflect and think about the source of this meat in front of your plate. Please take a moment to think about how it ended up on your table. Please take a moment to think about the brutal murder behind it, think about the loss of an innocent life due to a human’s desire and greed.

If you think consuming animals is not a problem, then please take a look at the videos below, and then reflect on your view — is it right for us to treat animals like this?

Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. When I first looked at the figure, I really could not imagine… and the shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so high they are only measured in tonnes.

Then I did another google search which revealed that every year there are over 100 million fish are being killed by the human. The figure is so disturbingly horrifying and it was completely beyond my imagination. Here we haven’t even talked about those animals that are used for the fur coat, drug testing and those animals that are being tortured in the laboratories, and animals that are kept as ‘pets’ but being abused by humans.

How we treat animals reflects who we are! The animal massacre is the cruellest, longest massacre on the planet and it’s still ongoing at an increasing rate. Most humans are still ignorant as to the devastation caused to those innocent animals, our Mother Earth and our conscience.

There is a simple way we can prevent the greatest amount of animal suffering from taking place, that is, by adopting a plant-based diet. In that way, each person can save at least thousands of animals during our lifetimes.

Gandhi once said ‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” By reducing the suffering of animals in our human hands, we can also reduce our level of cruelty and save our own conscience.

I believe the solution to world peace is for everybody to adopt a plant-based diet one day, for our planet to transform into a Plant-based Planet. If one day we could all be so compassionate and realized that killing and eating animals are terribly wrong (Like how people later realised Nazi, slavery, racism, sexism were terribly wrong), then I believe there would not be a single war on this planet. 
If humanity could grow so compassionate that we would never kill and eat a single animal, how could we kill our own people?

All wars, massacres and in fact all conflicts and sufferings in life stemmed from low consciousness. On the surface, there may be 100 reasons why there are still wars and murders in our world (political, economical and other reasons), but the real cause lies in the collective low consciousness of humanity. We must wake up — there must be a mass global awakening to realise the future of our planet is in our hands, and we as individuals can stop contributing to animal massacre and brutality before it’s too late!

The next evolution of the human race is not more advanced technology, but the evolution of our human consciousness.

In addition to human conscience, environmental issues and other reasons to conclude why we should all adopt plant-based diet, we can also look at it from the perspective of our health.

Human beings are natural herbivores!! Our intestines are very long (not supposed to digest meat), we have hands not sharp claws, and nor do we have sharp teeth that resemble those of carnivores!! So we are not supposed to be carnivores! If you are wondering why people around you have obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer, then take a look at the diet — we are really what we eat!! If you consume a lot of meat and dairy that you are most likely to have health problems!! There has been a lot of scientific studies behind it, and I would recommend ‘the China Study’ for you to read if you want to find out more.