How Wonder Woman Defines Living With A Green Heart

Protecting the planet means making it safer and greener for everyone.

I don’t blog about movies and certainly not action films with superheroes like Wonder Woman. I blog about environmental health, what it means to live with a green heart and plant-based meat alternatives. What drew me in to a dark theater on a Saturday night with my daughter Katie was the recommendation of many of my friends, including those in the film industry who were all buzzing about this extraordinary film.

You may be surprised to know that Wonder Woman is not a character of the 21st Century, she was in fact first introduced to the world in 1941. What is equally surprising is that this powerful female role model was created by a man, William Mouton Marston, a psychologist who invented the systolic blood pressure test which led to the creation of the lie detector. The results of his research influenced his belief that women were inherently more honest than men and that the future of civilization lay in the hands of women. He was once quoted as saying, ”Frankly, Wonder Woman is a psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world.” That explains a lot about the character of Wonder Woman and why she is more relevant today than ever.

While Gal Godot portrays a protagonist with superpowers who wants to save the world, she does so in a way that makes her character likeable and relatable. When I was an Amazon at Camp Nakanawa, all of the young girls wanted to be like Diana, Princess of the Amazons when we grew up. She wasn’t a stereotypical women who only did what she was told. She was smart and powerful but not at the expense of her feminity. She had a kind, bold heart and displayed her compassion with confidence at the same time she spoke her mind and took action to right the wrongs she saw. She refused to sit on the sidelines.

As I watched this powerful message, I realized this is my definition of living with a green heart. It’s not just about using skin lotions that are free of phthalates, buying LED lightbulbs and driving electric vehicles, it’s about setting the intention to make the planet a greener and safer place with every action, big and small.

As I left the theatre that night, arm and arm with my little Amazon, I felt a sense of renewed purpose for the importance of what I am doing in the world. No matter how discouraged I might get in these very turbulent times in the world, Wonder Woman reminded me of why I am fighting the fight to create a greater awareness of how the environment is affecting our health. Like Wonder Woman I believe in the inherent good of mankind and refuse to sit on the sidelines. If you have not seen Wonder Woman yet, I encourage you to. You might find that like me, it will become one of your all time favorite movies!

Photo credit: earldan via / CC BY-ND