How You can Reach your Goals

A 5-Step Action Plan

  1. Start Now. Stop making New Year Resolutions. If you have a goal, start working towards it today. The goal is not for the new year, it’s for your life. It’s for today.
  2. You can change your life and be more confident about yourself. Walk baby steps everyday towards your goal. Why wait for 31/12 or 1/1?
  3. Look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions. What stopped you from doing it in Feb 2017 or July 2017? What were your reasons? What can you do to tackle those problems?
  4. If you didn’t follow your action plan 100%, ask yourself why. Was the action plan too harsh? Was it because the goal wasn’t that important to you or you don’t like it? Then amend your action plan if needed. Even if you can’t follow the plan, following it for 10% is better than doing 0%.
  5. Visualise how the goal will make you feel. E.g maybe going to the gym will make you look more fit and look better in your clothes. Maybe you can visualise how working out means your lower back pain will disappear.
  6. Stop talking yourself down. Whenever you follow the action plan, be proud. When you don’t. follow it because you were sick or procrastinated, tell yourself it’s ok, and continue to follow the plan again right after.

What was your greatest achievement recently?

How did you reach that goal?