How Your Food Choices Affect The World Around You

By John Mackey

Our choices, when it comes to eating, have more power than we realize. I’m a businessman and there is nothing I love more than a deal that is truly win-win. Nutrition is one of those rare win-win-win-win situations in life where what is best for us healthwise is also what is best for the world around us, for the animals we share this planet with, for the beauty and health of the natural world, and even, I would humbly suggest, for the care of our self and soul. What we eat is not just personal; it is political and of great consequence to the communities in which we live- local, regional, national, and even global.

John Mackey is co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market. He has devoted his life to selling natural foods and to building a better business model.

Image courtesy of Pixabay