Stand up straight!

Stand up tall!

Stop leaning forward!

We have heard it all. Let’s face it, when you see somebody that is hunched over that is definitely not the sign and symbol of great health.

No presence. Inability to command the room. Weakness.The first sign of aging.

I mean, the position itself just looks painful and uncomfortable.

How could you possibly expect your body to function in a hunched over position?

There is not way you can not hurt yourself while you are training. Poor posture + shortened muscles (from lifting) is a recipe of increased pain and nerve entrapment.

Your alignment is everything. If you think about it, just as it relates to your stomach (the bulge that is), how do most people get rid of the bulge in a family picture or spouse shot?

What happens when you suck in?

You get taller and more elongated in your upper half.

So.. in essence, your improved posture makes you skinnier.

Amazing! Better posture = Perceived weight loss.

When we are collapsed in our upper body, our forward/ slumped posture is virtually pushing on our intestines/ digestive track and pushing all of this out. Poor posture can contribute to bloating and poor digestion. Poor posture can drain your energy forcing the body to work that much harder to “pump” along your digestive track.

The next time you are training- think about using mirrors to stand tall, and not to just dig your pecs or legs.. or overanalyze how much weight you want to lose.

Click above to view today’s video on exercises to improve your overall posture! #trainlikeapro

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