Time in My Pocket by Gina Dewink

An assured debut novel mirroring our modern times to 1940s America
through the fictional lens of time travel

“Time in My Pocket” by Gina Dewink is available in September 2017

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported most people in the U.S. check their smartphones 150 times per day, 46% of those surveyed stating they could not live without it. But what would happen if they found themselves in a place with no technology access whatsoever? In her creative time travel fiction, Gina Dewink explores the social aspects of a ‘modern day mother’ learning to live in 1947 Hollywood.

Time in My Pocket captured the dangers and perks of the possibility of recapturing youth in a brutally perceptive depiction of her main character. Full of sarcastic wit and curious situations — beginning with the book’s tagline, what if you woke up in 1947… in someone else’s body — the book will take readers on a fresh adventure through time.

Dewink says of her debut novel, “Time in My Pocket is a bit of a mixed genre. Its time travel element lands it in the SciFi category, but its sarcastic humor — especially relatable to parents with small children — makes it seem light for that category. I’d say anyone interested in sociology or American nostalgia will like this book. Those who wonder how people lived without the Internet or the difficult-to-measure ways daily life has changed in the past 70 years. Or just those who want to step into the life of being young, free and beautiful in the golden years of Hollywood!”

Paperback and ebook versions of Time in My Pocket will be available online in September.

Back of the Book
When Liza Anderson looks into a locket’s mirror, she suddenly finds herself in a younger woman’s body in 1947. Believing she has traveled more than 60 years back in time, Liza comes face to face with the reality of life during the golden age of Hollywood — glamour, communism, smallpox and all — only to discover that the Barbara Jane Miller she’s become is caught up in a drug-selling scheme that could get her killed. Readers are sure to enjoy the journey as Liza tries to learn all she can about her time hop, and find a way to return to the young children she left behind.