Human Sustainability

Unconditional love through the human Condition

As I see it, we humans, are here playing a choice game. SURE! there are complicated, very complicated situations where this statetement really is challenging to accept, even cruel and insensitive, I am aware, and YET, I still believe in radical responsibility…Somewhere, somehow a part of me, is completing, learning, expanding, serving, and eternal etc, participating with other beings in the planet.

Regardless of the circumstances, We all have choice, maybe not of our circumstances, but all ways to the way we relate to those circumstances. This is for me the real key of the game we play…our capacity to absorb and transform into value. In the work I do, I use the concept of HUMAN SUSTAINABILITY, Just like a plant absorbs from the environment, we are abundant, or not, in relationship to the capacity we have of effectively synthesize through the inner resources we individually have available, no matter the outer circumstances, my consciousness determines my inner experience.

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