I Almost Had the End-of-Summer Blues

Until I did this simple exercise

Most of us are usually sad to let summer go. We want to hold on to it, to cling to it, but inevitably it will pass. Instead of fretting that the season is winding down, reflect on what you have enjoyed this summer.

In the past, I have used June as a springboard for all the plans that I have for summer fun, and come August, I feel like there is more fun to be had that I will never get to. Recently, I felt myself slipping into that same end-of-summer disappointment. I decided to reflect on the summer. I’ve never done this before because I get distracted by fall scheduling. The reflection was magical. It made me grateful instead of disappointed.

What I loved about my summer:

-Spending time with extended family. Short visits, longer visits, my side of the family, my husband’s side. Quality visits without distractions.

-Playing cards with my daughters. Sitting around a table with them with no electronic devices. Pure, simple entertainment.

-Going to camp — to my in-law’s camp that we thought would be sold, but is still in the family. Grandparent time is precious for my kids and we all appreciate the slower rhythm of days spent at camp.

-Reading — I didn’t read a lot of books, but two books kept me wanting to read them whenever I could and that was a great feeling.

-Entertaining — putting this on my list is a first, but with my kitchen renovation, I enjoyed sharing my space with others and became comfortable, for the first time, in the role of a host.

I have more things to be thankful for this summer, but these are the first five that come to mind.

This is such a simple exercise and yet it is so liberating.

What five things have you loved about your summer?

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