I belong to me.

my sacred quest to find myself then my purpose

the necklace I wear everyday as a reminder, I am sacred.

Where I have been

I grew up in a small catholic Polish community. We all worked together and we all served each other. It was a beautiful thing . . . until it wasn’t. Our working farm died a few years after my Daddy died. Then my childhood vanished. We were expected to serve each day but with a completely different tone, totally void of community and cooperation. It was everything but beautiful.

Lesson learned: a balance between cooperation and competition is vital.

Lesson learned: death on a kid can be hard and needs to be handled well.

Lesson learned: farm kids are extremely resourceful.

Lesson learned: the seasons define the work. Seasons of our life define our purpose in the season.

Lesson learned: we need to serve others in a way that is beneficial to both — otherwise it isn’t service.

Ken’s prayer chord. I made if for him while in hospice. Such and honor for me. I am humbled. He was the same age as my dad when he died . . . they both died too young yet profoundly changed lives.

Where I am now

I’m living this crazy life in suburbia with 4 kids, 2 turtles, a cat a dog and a husband. Its crazy because I never ever imagined that I would be living like this. Surreal. When I trace back the steps that led to this place, I can see clearly how my life steered me to this lane I live on. Even though it is no accident that I’m here to learn specific life lessons, it doesn’t feel real most days. It is almost as I’m living someone else’s life. What keeps me grounded is my daily practice of quiet time. I my daily practice, I hit the pause button and pick up all the pieces of me that have served my family and inner circle. Then begin again, joyfully. I realized that I belong to me. In a world of uncertainty I know that I can rely on me and that is my definition of “I belong to me”.

Lesson learned: each day is preparing us for the next.

Lesson learned: there is wisdom in this season, even if I don’t understand it.

Lesson learned: our children are our greatest teachers.

Lesson learned: your purpose is always with you, it just shows up with a new assignment in different seasons.

Lesson learned: having a daily practice is crucial.

Lesson learned: it is an honor to have people flow through your life and share their stories. To listen, to really hear, feel, see with compassion in a tolerant and space free of judgement.

Lesson Learned: I belong to me.

A favorite dog tag design. Each day I go to battle, when they find my body the only thing they need to know is, I am love.

What I envision for my future

My goals for the future are really simple. I want to continue imaging, creating and becoming. I wear a bracelet everyday stamped with “imagine create become”. It keeps me on track.

I will travel, I will write, I will meet as many people I can and share their stories, I will love wholeheartedly, I will make intentional jewelry and prayer chords.

What I know for sure . . . the Divine will give me my next assignment. Each day I’m learning what I need for the next Divine project.

Lesson Learned: I am enough. I am in the right spot at the right time to serve in a way only I can.

Lesson Learned: I am called to work one on one, soul to soul, in creating jewelery.

Lesson Learned: I am called write. I will take the stories I am trusted with and find the wisdom and mindfulness in each one, then share with the intention that we can all learn from our common humanity.

Lesson Learned: When I love life, it loves me back.

Lesson Learned: I belong to me.

Copper Angel bracelets, Unity and Infinity collection, and love is part of everything I do. (and the best dog in the world!)

My Epiphany at 50

What follows is a excerpt to a article on my epiphany. To read the entire story you can click here.

My story is your story. We all live the same human experience at different times. It is time for me to share with you my bonus round.
I’m just a simple mom. I’m not jet set, but love my little cabin. I don’t have an incredibly important job with multi million dollar deals, but I do have a micro business that I love. I make great meals with local seasonal food and teach kids how to read.
There is nothing fancy about me. The beauty of my life is the simplicity.
Celebrate with me as I enter into this next season of my life. I am determined to find (and share) the sacredness in the everyday moments.
As I changed my mindset from living a boring life of breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, and driving circles of drop offs and pick ups to a life grounded in routine. When we have a routine or a daily practice we enter into a space of allowing these moments to become sacred, if we let them.
i am. a prayer chord for gratitude.

How will we flow through each other’s lives

Will this article be the end?

Will we work on a jewelry project together?

Will you tell me your story?

I don’t have the answers but what I do know is we are all one. We are all connected. Our celebrations and our defeats.

When one of us is hurting, we are all hurting. When one of us is elevated in love, we are all elevated.

I chose love. I belong to me.


Be blessed and thank you for flowing into my life.