I Hate Hate

Man… I hate hate. And the way it creates debate,
The way it deflates whats great, with intentions to devastate;

And we don’t have to wait — in this fallen world it feels like fate,
We’re equipped — it’s innate — always there like a soulmate;

Ready to agitate — as we gravitate toward the irate,
Designed to separate instead of collaborate;

It mutilates — our very ability to relate,
Causing us to embrace the will to retaliate;

It’s a character assassinater — an anger stimulator;
An internal aggravator and an emotion deactivator,

It’s a meanness cultivator and a goodness desolator,
A percolator that can spread throughout your neighbors;

It’s a love asphyxiater, an agenda accomodater;
A truth invalidator, an elaborate exaggerator;

It’s a light eliminator, and a rumor circulater,
A growth suffocator and a human heart sedater;

It’s a shield penetrater, a spiritual permeater,
Yet some of us still savor and use it to just feel greater;

It has no favor — it’s a behavior that lacks flavor,
It rejects what was done on the cross by our Savior;

And it’s an indicator of where ya are with our Creator,
How will He see you later? As part of Him… or as a hater?

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