At What Point Is Enough Enough?

Knowing when to say, “I have what I need.”

It’s an age-old problem. I am looking for more. I need more. I am scared of losing what I have.

At what point do I have enough?

At what point do I have what I need? And what does “need” mean? Does it mean I can retire? Do I even want to retire? Or does it mean that I have what I need to continue and to do the things I enjoy and the things I am good at?

Photo from Unsplash by Freddie Marriage.

Wanting more increases our anxiety. Not being happy with what we have increases our anxiety. Not being happy with who we are increases our anxiety. Especially for over-achievers like myself.

I have been self-employed for 22 years. Working for lots of different clients and as an entrepreneur constantly looking at the horizon and seeing what different opportunities there are.

Each time I am “distracted” by the new challenge, keeping my normal business running whilst trying the new venture. “I have to achieve,” I keep telling myself. This is what we have been trained for. But at what point can I “give up?” Am I giving up? Or perhaps am I rather saying “I have done enough” in a particular area of my life, and now I am leaving it to others or to the universe to continue.

I worry that I am being apathetic in doing this. Have I really done “enough”? And at what point is enough enough?

I have what I need is an amazing sentence. It doesn’t mean that I can retire or that I don’t have any problems anymore, or that I don’t need to work tomorrow. It means that I accept my current situation and it means that I accept who I am and what I do. I have what I need means that I can do what I have been trained to do and what I enjoy. I have what I need means that I live in the house I want to live in, with the wife I want to live with, with the animals I want in my life, with the friends I love to be with, with the clients I like spending time with, in the city of my dreams, and with so much else that “I need.”

I guess that saying “I have what I need” is saying “I have enough.” It isn’t a cop-out. It isn’t apathetic. It just allows me to be who I am and to continue with my main path in life, whilst doing some extra things that I really enjoy doing, like writing and helping and being a guide.

So “I have what I need” morphs me into myself. I’ve been searching for me for a long time. And I have what I need helps me to be me.

Try it: say “I have what I need” and see what happens and how you feel and what changes in your life.

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