I love me.

Instructions: Today, I’d love for you to write yourself a love letter. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, no one has to read it, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a good writer or not. The exercise is simple: write about all the things you love about yourself. I’ve provided an example for you below:

Dear Kareem,

I love you; well, I love me.

I love you for waking up each day with the intention to serve. I love you for the look you get in your eyes when you really care about something or someone. I love you for the passion you spread through your actions, behaviors, intentions, and outcomes. I love you for showing strength for life. I love you for loving your friends, family, and everyone else, including all of nature.

You see, you’ve taken the time to think about the world, various different personalities, character traits, and qualities, and you’ve made a deliberate effort to live to your highest potential. Every time you’re given the opportunity to raise the bar, you do. You never hesitate. In fact, I love how others get a kick out the ‘fast action’ you take, and the immediate passion you attach to anything that deserves your attention.

I love the way you father. I love how present you are with your children. I love you for the husband you are. Infrequently do we find others as present and caring for their wives as you are with yours; you truly love her, and you truly want the best for her, no matter what. I love you for the son and brother you are. You’ve always placed immense importance on the prosperity of your family and the joy they have with each day. Although you may not always know how to solve — or even help — in every circumstance, you project love, and that helps.

But, there’s so much more. Above all else:

● I love you want to love

● I love you wish to serve

● I love you live with honor

And I want you to know how perfect you are. There are many circumstances in life that may make it seem otherwise, but let none of them act as proof of imperfection; for, that is not truth. You were born perfect, and so you are. The greatest power and thrill of the whole world lives inside of you, and you are capable of creating and manifesting anything you dream, intend, and feel. You have the ability to teach others how to do this, and they, too, will have the same ability. Real health is on its way, and the world is ‘as’ grateful for you as as you are for them.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


Originally published at drkareem.com on January 4, 2018.

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