I Spent Years Testing My Intuition, Asking It to Prove Itself.

Stacy Vajta
Oct 28, 2018 · 4 min read
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How do I know if my intuition is showing me something real, or if it’s just my mind telling me something I want to see?

Ah yes, that’s a big question I get asked all the time…

I used to test out my intuition. I’d literally ask “it” a question and then go off into the world to see if it was right; if the message was accurate. I expected a “final answer,” as though my intuition would help me cut to the chase and get me to the end game of whatever I was dealing with.

I’d ask for names and details of things that I could look up to see if what felt random and beyond my rational mind could be proven in some way. I’d ask for dates as to when this or that would happen and shakily get to an answer, questioning as we do if this was “real” or what I merely hoped for.

Nonetheless, I’d hold my intuition to its word and either validate it or deem it utterly useless if something didn’t pan out; if the outcome of the choice I made wasn’t positive in every way… as though I had nothing to do with it.

I was demanding of my poor intuition at first, always insisting I be shown something that would demonstrate to me it’s worth and accuracy.

I’m surprised my intuition didn’t kick me to the curb and pack itself up.

Thankfully an element of grace was there, a patience at some level with my spirit that allowed this learning process because, in time, my demands for proof and accuracy let go and I was able to then develop a true relationship with my intuition.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my now 30-some year-long relationship with my intuition is this: my intuition takes me on a journey, savoring each step toward my final destination.

And it’s not just my intuition that works in this way… yours does too.

Intuition is more than a psychic prognosticator, it’s a guide.

Intuition is a level of awareness that guides you along your highest path, rather than plops you at an endpoint. It’s not a magic eight ball you shake and get a final answer, nor a way to avoid your personal growth.

In fact, it’s a champion of your personal and spiritual growth.

When I stopped demanding my intuition prove itself to me through random and sporadic questioning, I shifted into a new way of engaging with it. My intuition became a tool for me to explore my life on an on-going basis, and how I needed to grow. It became a way to check out what was next on the path and how I could focus on what would help me take that step with the most clarity and ease.

My intuition became a guide and a partner; a tool to understand when I trusted my next step enough to feel empowered to take it.

And sure, I still ask questions like, “Is this the thing I need to do?” or “What will serve me, this or that?” but I treat the answers like a conversation; I keep exploring where the answers lead me until I feel my own truth in them.

How else could I really trust my intuition if I didn’t keep following the inner conversation to the point where I was clear that — wherever this is coming from — if I take the step to that next point in my journey I’d be OK with it?

This question of if your intuition is telling you something real, or right or true often comes from not spending enough time with your inner wisdom and exploring the message fully.

Doubt is merely a reflection that there is more to learn before you act.

Your intuition is a way to connect you into a level of wisdom that guides you. Whether you see that as coming from within you or from beyond doesn’t change the fact that your inner wisdom and intuition are helping you to see the next step on your journey.

You’re not being given a directive you must follow because it feels as though it comes from on high. You’re being given information to lean into and explore until it feels right.

Ask those questions. Meditate on them; allow answers to come in all the ways they do for you. Sit with the wisdom your intuitive-self ushers in and explore the answers from all angles.

If there is still a question of “is this real,” ask new questions! Play with your inner wisdom in ways that help you look at both your questions and the answers you get in ways that offer up more and more insight before you leap.

Let your heart, mind, and spirit come to a place of ease with your intuited insight, a level of trust that if you take that step, or allow what is next, you will be OK.

And if that ease never comes? Well, then you have your answer. Your next step then is to ask another question and see where it takes you on your journey.

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