I want to introduce you to my friend, RON.

(82year old superman)

Well.. as a Coach, I am always looking for inspiration.

Inspiration often times finds me.. even when I am not looking for it.

When I was just getting started with my own personal fitness journey, it was at a Powerhouse Gym in Miller Place, NY.

I was a kid that was a little overweight as a kid (thanks to my grandmothers biscotti cookies).. but always admired how the bodies physique could change with training and exercise..

So as a kid, my mother would go to her jazzercise classes and I would be in the playroom at the gym flipping through Muscle and Fitness Magazines (inspiration)..

But when I was heading into high school, my parents got me a part time membership to Power House Gym.. and this is where I met a very special man..

Ron Hamilton. Personal Trainer.

Ron at the time was probably in his early 60’s .. and had a love affair with T RAINING and EXERCISE.. a modern day Jack Lalanne if you will..

I was enamored watching him train as he would get so locked in.. you knew he was mentally in a place that many could never get too.. (inspiration).

Over the years Ron and I had become good friends.. myself a student, he a teacher.

When I left town to go work with the Yankees.. we parted ways.. and I always wondered where Old Ron was..

I would hear stories of him climbing Mt. Washington.. or traveling across the country via RV.. but we lost touch..


This past weekend, I went to visit my parents on Long Island and was grabbing my signature workout at Planet Fitness.. doing some leg extensions.. and I saw that unforgettable gait and face….

It was Ron.

He saw me.. kicked me immediately off the machine I was on and gave me a big old hug.. (inspiration).

The next words out of his mouth, Get off the machine and get Functional!.. Body weight, movement, balance.. That is how I have aged well!”.

He hasn’t aged a bit.. still showing signs of strength, still locked in. Working out in a winter cap and sunglasses so he can lock in and focus.. Challenging his body day in and day out through movement. Kettlebells, stretching, core training, and single leg balance work.

After he told me this, he also disclosed that over the past few years he had broken his neck mountain biking, has had his shoulder reconstructed, knee replaced, and has had 3 battles with cancer — which he has beat.

Then he hit me with his most powerful words..In life, there is no such thing as can’t.. only WON’T.. and if you believe you can you will — and that is how I keep going. That is how I beat cancer. I am not ready to kick the bucket just yet.. I have more to do!”

I write this to you today as I promise to Ron.. I will help spread his words to inspire and motivate others to KEEP GOING..no matter what their age is or where they are at in life.. JUST KEEP GOING..

I hope you found inspiration in this story like I have.. keep going.


Originally published at danacavalea.com.