Ideate. Imagine. Take Action.

Randi Levin
Mar 7, 2017 · 3 min read
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“I began with an idea and then it became something else.” ~Pablo Picasso

I admit it. Ideate is my new favorite word! The possibilities are limitless. Ideating is a verb. It involves doing, creating, manifesting newness, change, and actionable thoughts. When you ideate you think, mastermind, and explore. Ideating is at the core of opportunities, at the start of planting a seed, at the beginning as well as at the end of whatever is next.

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What have you ideated about this winter? Were you able to fill your tank with fresh ideas, new experiences, and meaningful growth? In the lull of winter cocooning ideation comes alive. When you slow your life down, you gain the ability to look back in at it from a different vantage point and to see anew what needs your attention most. Ideating promotes free association. In this mindset you think risk free about what is possible without the impossible. You try it on, beta test it, and take it for a ride, even if only in your mind’s eye.

Imagination feeds ideation. It is a playground where anything goes. There is no right or wrong, only a free flow of ideas. The ability to percolate concepts on small and large scales, and the time and space to regroup and nurture is at the heart of carving out ideas and concepts that promote growth and renewal. Jump-start the process by filling in the blanks.This winter I did__________________. This spring I will______________________.

How will you fill in your personal blanks? When you relax and pause, when you spend time away from the ordinary you can recharge your everyday. In essence, you revamp the extraordinary aspects of your life, allowing them to come to the surface and in their reveal your truth is told. It is in those moments that clarity increases because stress and the pressures of life part just long enough to shed some light on your true you. So, what’s next? There is always a next.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Now To Ideate Forward

  • What has been the highlight of my winter?

Ideation drives positive energy by building upon those aspects of your imagination and your inner most thoughts that you find most intriguing, yet perhaps less explored. Often, these are the thoughts you don’t act upon, but wish you did. Ideating creates and breeds action. It stimulates your mind and propels you forward.

Draw a picture of whatever you are ideating about. Set it to words or to music. Make ideation and the visions that it induces become your go to place for creativity and inspiration. Think about that vision when you go to sleep at night. Visit it again when you awaken. What you imagine, you can become! What can you say yes to now, that will impact your tomorrows? Are you willing to figure it out?

Ideation in winter can be the fuel you need in spring to get unstuck, to combat procrastination, or to celebrate your next success. Create it now and play it forward!

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