If a Decision No Longer Serves You, Make a New One

Are we allowed to change our minds? Yes.

Is it difficult to change our minds? Yes.

Do we change them? ….[insert your answer]

I have decided to change my mind, not my values, because my original decision isn’t working out for me. At the start of the year I had ambitious (aka naive, risky, not sensible, brave, [insert your own]) plans to have my own coaching business, to be a freelancer/entrepreneur/one-man flop. The original plan, the original value, was having autonomy, ‘freedom’ in what I do and maximising the empty space I had created after qualifying as a counsellor. I had finally created this clear space to go for it! So I went for it.

And I went for it…

And I went for it…

And I went for it.

Picking up my bruised ego each time to do something better, different, interesting. Coaching myself each time to look for the positive, to be objective and persist.

But persisting doesn’t mean persist with an action, it means persist with your value.

Trying to freelance and have that as my sole source of income is no longer serving me. I’m trapping myself in an abundant mindset that is allowing me to be creative and problem-solve but squished by a lack of steady income. In my immediate future, money is going down and will continue to do so as freelancing isn’t a quick win. It takes an enormous amount of energy to turn up each day, with no guarantee that any of my work will be fruitful, let alone pay the bills.

So for the time being, I need something else to pay the bills. I need a job to add freedom, to help propel me forward out of the self-made constriction of freelancing.

The freedom of my own space.

The freedom to make my own choices, to pursue my hobbies, to invest in myself beyond my work.

The freedom of peaceful sleep.

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