If someone told you that you could be happier if you were more mindful would that mean anything to you?

I’m not sure even for myself what that would mean.

Most of the time my MIND IS FULL and I have to consciously work at paying attention. I have to conciously choose to be mindful.

All we have is today, this moment. When my meeting with my spiritual director last week she told me that I needed to focus on being more in the moment.She was essentially telling me to be mindful.

We were discussing my worries about the future and my anxieties that came along with it. (Next week will be discussing anxiety more further.) But she said all we have is the present moment. We don’t know if tomorrow will come and we can’t do anything about the past.

So therefore, there’s no need to worry about tomorrow, there’s no need to focus on the past.

What’s done is done. That sounds pretty obvious but this way of thinking is not just about all those quotes to hang up on your walls about living for today. They are a way of life because I can’t control the future, I only have this moment to be in. We can choose to enjoy it or destroy it.

So the next time you see one of those fancy quotes, print it off, write it on your, mirror, and when you read it… read it with intention. Read it with purpose for your day. They weren’t just meant to be decoration. They’re meant to be reminders, but we have to stop and take a moment to remind ourselves.

Imagine if for a moment you weren’t stuck in the past, and you said well I can’t change it so then you began to focus more on the present moment. Imagine if you didn’t worry about the future because you can’t control it, what would happen to you today if you did that?