If stuck, choose A, B or C to Z, but not none of the above.

Confidence comes after the fact.

The outcome comes after the fact.

So why do we assume that we have the ability to control all the variables and land a guaranteed outcome?

I have a slight churny feeling in my stomach. Reminds me of trying to deal with my fear of heights (if I start whistling that's me going THIS IS FINE!). That feeling of wanting to do something but fearing...well fear, that uncomfortable don't-know-how-this-is-going-to-turn-out-but-I'm-supposed-to-a-grown-up act of bravery/idiocy. From my many experiences of stuckness, from changing degrees, jobs, relationships, friends, the best solution is to act.

Even if the outcome stings and knocks you out for days or weeks, at least you know right? It's part of the data gathering exercise, the long game. Take it in, retweak, go out again. You start narrowing the unknowns, gain mastery over some parts. But when you're stuck and all you can think is to gather information from the sidelines, you just become overwhelmed - "but I need to learn this and that, add this and that, before I can begin". But who's ever made it with just version 1? Who wants to stop at just version 1? We're always looking to improve, things all change, so why not just make version 1 knowing that you'll always be upgrading?

So what am I unsticking from? This is the latest 'play' project - the latest challenge for myself - a video series of habits and mindset ideas that I want to share regarding happiness.

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