If you want 2018 to stand out and be a powerful experience full of positive emotions and stories that last a lifetime, the planning starts NOW!

By Chad E Cooper

Legendary lifestyles are about creating harmony within your career and personal life. You don’t take a nap while making plans; you begin creating your vision before you take that first step. I see that most people make the mistake of waiting until January1st to set their goals for the New Year… Oops! The starting gun has already gone off leaving you stressed and anxious to catch up and gain momentum.

For some, the upcoming holidays can provide padding and space to find a quiet hiding spot and spend some quality time on your lifestyle ambitions. Block the time out NOW because that will allow you to hit the ground with momentum, charging straight towards your goal line for 2018! Don’t just eat your way through the holidays, this is a time of reflection. You know that if you are already at full speed when the starting gun goes off on January1st, you will blow the competition away. Game over. There’s no chance for anyone to catch you because you will be going full steam while they are just getting started.

This is one of the most powerful “tricks” of billionaires, professional athletes, and CEO’s. If you are ready to ensure your success for 2018, invest in your plan now so it earns a return on your deposit of time and thought.

Legendary 2018 Here I Come!!!

There’s a feeling in the air this November and it’s universal to nearly all people. This year was about nurturing those seeds planted and weeding the crops in preparation for a huge harvest yield in 2018!! If you’re like me, you’ve been working hard and waiting for the payout even though there is much to celebrate and have gratitude for 2017. Now it’s about capturing the momentum of 2017 and making 2018 LEGENDARY! Legends are MADE, not born.

When you begin to honor yourself, and answer the questions on the link I have provided below you must remember it’s important to be honest. Write from your heart all the things you want to accomplish and don’t forget to include the amazing adventures or leisure vacations you have always dreamed of taking. A year from now, what will you wish you had done today? Improved your physical body, grown financially, moved up professionally, completed more items on your ‘bucket list’, spent more quality time with your family, created new and extraordinary relationships, or maybe found a new spiritual path to inner peace?

You will find within the questions I ask you, what your identities and purposes are that can support your dreams. Identify what the core values beneath these identities really are. (Boss, Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, CEO) What fills you up? Feeling happy, having patience, being consistent, feeling prepared, having people listen to you, feeling radiant and beautiful, having compassion for others less fortunate and being of service, feeling calm and wise, romance, adventure, feeling free, having choice, being on a mission, feeling present, wanting to be the leader, having persistence, faith, courage, feeling loved, being playful, gratitude for all you receive? If you desire the number 1 trick of professional athletes; Identify the emotions that fill you up.

One of my clients who had worked very hard for over 15 years complained to me that he had never been able to reach the level of success he dreamed of. We went through this process of finding what filled him up only to discover for over 15 years he had been doing everything on his job that he thought he had to do, but noting he wanted to do. It was draining him to his core. After discovering what filled him up and gave him emotional fulfillment, he went back to work and was more successful than he had even hoped. You must make sure that your joy is connected to your heart. It requires that to reach your fullest potential and be passionate about what you accomplish. Speak your truth… from your heart. Go to this form today, it will help you get started! goo.gl/gR76HB

Victory is about milestones as much as it is crossing the finish line.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you set goals for 2018. Remember when you build your objectives, be careful what you ask for because it may mean work. The universe will provide you with the environment that you need, but you need to provide the character to work for and reach your desires and future achievements. Example: if you pray for patience, the universe might give you chaos as the environment. You may need to be the change that you want in others first, to find the calm you seek.

If your goal was to compete in a marathon you would not just jump in line, without any thought or training and start running when the gun goes off, would you? You first need to know your purpose for competing. Is it because you want to be healthy enough to be around for your children? Maybe it’s so you have better endurance? Is it a great adventure? You may want to win and feed your competitive side? Maybe that fills you up and makes you smile? Know your purpose before you plan. Then comes the plan… If you’re going to run a marathon you will first want to walk the path. Are there hills that you might need to conserve energy to climb? Where are the water stops so you can stay hydrated? It takes careful preparation and planning before you can partake in the celebrations of the finish line.

Your goal should be driven from a place of purpose not from discipline. What I don’t want you to do is make any New Year’s resolutions for 2018. Generally people only last 21 days before they give up. That’s not going to set you up for a successful 2018. Is one of your goals is to lose weight or quit smoking? You can set yourself up for success with a solid plan. What tools do you need to be successful? Who can be supportive of your effort? Write down your purpose in making this change. Then commit to a date 90 days from the beginning of the New Year. Ask yourself if you’re truly committed to this goal or is it just a pipe dream that someone else wants you to do? All goals must be from your heart and deliberately planed.

Here are a few other tips that can get you started:

Individual Goal Steps to follow:

1. Clarity on objective

2. Measurable

3. Make rules easy to win

4. Strength of the Purpose

5. Block out on Calendar with Purpose in subject line

2018 Full Year Planning:

1. Dream and capture all your wishes ON PAPER

2. Set a date when you desire to complete each goal

3. Work in 90 Day increments backwards from the end date

4. Using steps above “Individual Goals Steps” complete and block on your calendar

to ensure you make it real

5. Review and schedule every 90 days to exceed more milestones than most people

will accomplish in a year you will do every 90 days. A 400x increase!

I think the questions on the link I provided will give you that edge and set you up for the best year ever. Be deliberate. Managing the time on your calendar and create based on your long-term goals. Don’t forget to add in the things you may not think go on your calendar like taking a wonderful bubble bath, a nap, or getting a massage. Remember you only have 168 hours a week. So here ya go, your plan your life, your success.

To learn more you can also go to http://chadecooper.com and take his 5 day Legendary Lifestyle Challenge!