If you want to release, release!

How to release our repressed emotions in a healthy way.

As complicated human being, we have complex emotions. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, our emotions could be like London’s unpredictable weather, always changing from moment to moment, and that is just part of life.

Today I want to share how we can release our sadness, anger and other negative emotions in a healthier way without affecting others.

I believe it is important and necessary to release our negative emotions in one way or another. If we don’t release, we would have more emotional rubbish accumulated in our mind. When the rubbish is accumulated to a certain degree, one day it would explode! So if you have all the negative emotions you want to release, it is better to release now, ASAP!

Have you thought about why kids do not suffer as much as adults? I believe it is because a lot of time they release whatsoever they need to release quickly, they do not hold any emotional rubbish inside their heart.

However, one thing I would like to emphasise is that, unlike kids, WE DO NOT WANT TO RELEASE ON OTHER PEOPLE !! TRY NOT TO DUMP YOUR RUBBISH ON OTHERS !!

Sometimes it may seem easier for us to just dump our rubbish on others, whether it be our loved ones, our family or friends, it is very easy for us to take people around us for granted and thinking that it is normal.

The truth is that no matter how much others love you, they do not actually want your rubbish. Have you noticed when you try to dump your emotional rubbish on others, they would also want to dump their rubbish on you? When you blame others, others would also blame you.

No one is a Buddha yet, we are all complicated human beings, and some of them may never have practised any spiritual practices (i.e. they have not grown any self-awareness), and of course, they will also dump their rubbish on you!!

Everything we say and do has its vibrations. When we send out negative vibration, we will also receive negative vibration back. This is just one of the laws of the Universe.

So even if you really want to release your negative emotions on others and firmly believe that your pain is caused by others (this is just an illusion: all sufferings are self-inflicted), I urge you to think twice or three times before you act!

Try not to release your negativity on others, refrain from dumping your rubbish on others, think about ways to deal with them, be responsible for yourself!

Today I like to share a few effective ways for you to deal with repressed emotions, traumas, and just any sort of rubbish from your mind.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Everyone is unique, and we all have our own ways to release our emotions. For me, it is dancing, writing, doing yoga and meditations, and just do whatever that makes my soul happy. For other people, it could be painting, go for a run et cetera. I believe we all need to find our own ways to release our emotions and experiment with it.

However, if you want a more systematic approach, I would highly recommend Osho Dynamic Meditation, a powerful and very scientific way of catharsis, which is very useful for releasing repressed emotions.

The meditation has five stages, lasting for one hour:

Stage 1 (10mins): chaotic breathing, breathe irregularly, focusing on the exhaling, the body will inhale by itself. Remaining aware, but do not control your breathing, let it breathe chaotically.

Stage 2 (10mins): EXPLODE! Release whatever you want to release! You can scream, cry, jump, kick and do whatever you want. Consciously go mad!

Stage 3 (10min): Jumping up with the mantra ‘Ho,’ let the sound hammer deep into the sex centre.

Stage 4 (15min): Stop, whatever you are doing, stop completely. Don’t move, don’t make any sound, just become a witness.

Stage 5 (15mins): Dance, express whatsoever is there. Carry your aliveness with you throughout the day.

Osho Dynamic Meditation 5 stages

If you find the above meditation is a bit too complicated, you can also try

1. Pillow fight in your room, try to release whatever you want to release

2. Go to the nature, screaming to the sea (or in your room if you cannot go out)!

3. Do things make you happy, take good care of yourself, love yourself

Be selfish! Selfish is also a form of self-love! Fill up your own love tank first, so you can spread more love.

You need to understand that nothing in life is permanent, including our negative emotions. So try to release your emotions in a wise and healthy way, do not bother others, but at the same time, making yourself happy.

You are your own savior and true happiness is always from the within, it is always self-created (You can read about this here https://journal.thriveglobal.com/why-true-happiness-is-self-created-974719c72db9).

You may complain to others, but a lot of time they may not be able to help you, so we have to learn to release our repressed emotions by ourselves. We need to learn how to handle ourselves properly, so we can become the best version of ourselves, to make us all self-sufficient happy beings :)

In this video, I talked about How NOT TO Dump Your Rubbish on Others

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May All Beings Be Happy & Free

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