I’m not sure why some things work out in life, others don’t.

I tried so hard to make it. To be a successful lawyer, yogi, friend. Until I didn’t, make it, at all.

Now, I give up. Trying to be someone that I’m not. I’m done trying to do better, to be someone I was before, to picture my future perfect, with you by my side. You didn’t show up. For me, life, altogether. I tried to change, adapt, let go, let you in, one more time. One more time. I’m still in love with you. For sure, I am, but I’m so done waiting, wishing for more. I’m so done trying, to make the best of it. I’m so done being by your side, while I’m not, actually, by your side. I’m so done waiting for you to act, get up, go. We were better, together, this time but we did not actually, make it work.

And so it is.