Imagination is the Life of Your Dreams

Alison Laverty
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4 min readFeb 19, 2017


“For dreams are the essence of life that give us hope.”

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How hard are you willing to work to achieve your dreams?

When I was young, my imagination was everything that made me feel so alive. And whatever I’d imagine myself to be, came alive in my mind.

I would become so excited because in my imagination, I was the hero who achieved the impossible.

Do you have a dream?

Something you feel so strong about doing that it becomes a mission in your life.

Would you follow your dreams and make them come true?

There is a kind of magic that truly is beyond our control … and it is ignited when we take a leap of faith and lean to believe in ourselves.

Taking a Leap of Faith

How will you move from where you are right now … to where you wish to be?

It’s not always easy to start at the bottom or at the beginning. I know how hard it can be for I was on my own from 16. With nearly nothing to survive, I started my journey through life and struggled to make ends meet and to put food on my plate. Most people take it for granted with what is already theirs.

For me, I had to learn to survive, to feel secured and somehow the challenging experience taught me to live again. And then I went a step further because I had a vision of how I wanted to live my life through self care.

So I took a leap of faith and learned to trust the process. Along my journey, I realised, I had attracted everything I needed into my life. What did I do to live the life of my dreams? I just jumped and fell many times. But I realised was that every meaningful connection I encountered left me with a piece of a puzzle that moved me forward. That was exactly what I discovered when I took a leap of faith.

But what’s even more priceless about this journey is the treasures I discovered. I learnt something about myself, my innate ability and found my identity in the real world.

And occasionally, unforgettable memories were created in my life.

Believing in the Impossible

What if I told you that you could achieve anything in your life? You see, I believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind on doing. Especially the impossible dream! It is simply a quality called determination that lies within you.

I had big dreams and travelled all around the world in search of ways to achieve my dreams. What held me back was fear because everyone around me said it was truly impossible for me to think I could achieve anything in my life.

And I believed them. But when you make your intentions known, the universe will hold you accountable to achieve them. So much so that when you lose track of your agenda, it will remind you of your commitment.

If you are 110% committed to achieving your dreams, it will come true. All of mine came true in the most unbelievable way. Learn to believe in yourself and show up.

Dreams can Come True

As we move through this passage called time, let us remember we have the gift of freewill to choose accordingly to change our history. No matter what it may be.

How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams?

It is hard work but if you are committed to achieving your dreams or goals, you align yourself to a powerful energy that will attract everything you need to accomplish it. For nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible.

When you want something so much and go all out to achieve it, you prove not only to yourself how committed you are but also to the universe that you have what it takes to fulfil what you say you will do. And this is powerful energy that can make your dreams come true.

And now I say this to you, have a dream. Make it the biggest dream you can ever wish for yourself. Work hard even though you may experience challenges along your journey, never, ever give up on your commitment to achieve your dreams. Look after yourself. One day your dreams will come true and when you look back on your struggles, you will know it was worth every effort.



Alison Laverty
Thrive Global

Alison Laverty is the writer of Meant to Be. She lives with her Aussie bloke and their two mischievous possums in Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia