Impatiently Running from the Goal

How a Lack of Passion and Purpose Causes Us to Give Up on Our Goals

I was sitting in the local blood lab this morning waiting to have my blood taken, when an older woman walked in. Seeing two people waiting, I heard her scoff as she walked up to the registration desk.

“Hi! Please sign-in on the clipboard!”, the lady behind the desk said to her.

(Grumble grumble) “Well, I don’t know if I want to wait. I may come back later.” she said, looking at the two of us.

The lady on the other side of the room and I smiled at each other, and quickly went back to reading our books. Although inappropriate, it took extreme concentration to prevent myself from laughing. While there were only two people waiting now, when we walked in 20 minutes before there had been 8 people waiting.

And then the idea for this post struck me.

This lady was acting just as I had numerous times in my business… Impatiently running from the goal.

So many times in the past, I didn’t see the immediate results I was looking for, but rather than pursuing the goal, I turned around and ran. I could have continued my journey and chosen a different path, or perhaps even have persevered on the current path, however I was impatient.

Friends, there is no such thing as overnight success. All the successful entrepreneurs we see and admire have worked hard to reach the point they are at today. While I am not where I necessarily wanted to be, I am much further along than I was five years ago.

For example, my…

→ Social media following has grown from 0 to well over 60,000 across all channels

→ 1:1 work has evolved from $8/hour work to packages starting at $1,000-$3,500 depending on the service

→ Team has evolved from me, myself and I to having a team I love including a graphic designer, copywriter, online business manager, virtual assistant, coach, website/app developer, public relations manager and more

Most importantly, I’ve discovered my true calling and how to be patient while working toward my goals. 2017 saw me remain consistent in the goals I am working for, and while additional goals were added, I didn’t abandon any. Sure, I’ve pushed out launch dates, have had more revisions than I expected, and faced the terrifying obstacle of all my websites being deleted in a hack. But I know where I’m going, and no obstacle is going to get between me and achieving those goals.

Early in my business I was suffering from an extreme case of Chronic Idea Disorder. I was constantly inspired by the successes of others, and would chase their successes by building products I wasn’t passionate about.

Chronic Idea Disorder, a constant influx of entrepreneurial ideas, can be dangerous when we don’t know the purpose of our business. And when we’re chasing the success of others rather than our passion, the bumps in the road make it so much easier to give up quickly when we don’t achieve the desired financial benefits.

Impatiently running from the goal wouldn’t be nearly as prevalent if every entrepreneur was clear on their Why and was able to control the symptoms of Chronic Idea Disorder.

One more point to consider is this… How long will you (or anyone else) wait in line for their favorite food and/or beverage, at their favorite amusement park ride, or to meet a mentor at an event or book signing?

On the flip side, how impatient and irritable do you get while waiting for an appointment you really don’t want to attend? Or waiting for a parking spot at the mall during the holiday shopping season?

We’re generally more patient and will endure feelings of uncomfortableness when we’re passionate about what we’re doing.

Consider people who camp outside for days while waiting to purchase premiere tickets for a movie or be the first to purchase the newest Apple device. They’re passionate about the product, are willing to sleep on asphalt to be the first in line.

The next time you find yourself impatiently running from the goal, consider how connected you are to the goal. Is it directly connected to your passion? Or are you chasing income and/or the successes of others?