Implement These 9 Marketing Tactics You’re Not Doing and Thrive

Start Today and Experience Explosive Business Growth

Is your businesses foundation properly setup? Are you on the path to becoming an influencer people want to work with?

The world needs you to be active, continuously growing, and become more visible than you are now.

These nine simple steps will help you thrive on a global scale. Simply maintain consistent with your efforts over a long period of time and you’ll experience profound results!

1. Define Your Purpose, Vision, and Mission (PVM)

These are your businesses GPS for decision making. They’re your compass and roadmap to steer you in the direction your business is destined to go. You can also incorporate these into your personal life as an added bonus!

  • Purpose: What’s the intention of your business? (start with why)
  • Vision: What end result are you working towards? (begin with the end in mind)
  • Mission: What daily actions will take you there? (first things first)

When working with a team, doing this together will get them more involved and believe in what they’re doing. This alone will enable everyone to hold each other accountable too!

2. Identify Your Target Market

How well do you know your ideal target market? Take the time to determine the psychographics, geographics, and demographics of your customer base. Understand everything about them as an individual person.

When creating a new product/service or starting a new marketing campaign, do it for this ONE individual. By having a narrow focus, you’ll generate a broad reach!

3. Maintain Consistent Branding

When you see fireworks, a turkey, a heart, what American holiday does each of those represent? That’s Branding! This is the personality and feeling of the company. The criteria for branding are your colors, logo, business name, tagline, and the “atmosphere” you create to attract your ideal market.

Keep in mind that your business has one brand and you, the individual person, has your own separate brand. This includes your clothes, headshot, speech patterns, hair, personality, etc.

4. Get Active on Social Media

What online platforms does your ideal market hang out in? Being active on social media is important because billions of people are there for you to easily connect with. This is a “free” way for you to stay top-of-mind, engage on a personal level, and learn more about your market. You don’t have to be on every platform, just the ones where your customer base logs into the most.

5. Start a Blog to Wisdom Share

While searching on google, you’ll most likely click a link to land on someone’s blog post. This is where you educate, invite, and share experiences to develop your own passionate following.

The key to success is to be consistent. At first you may not get any traction, but if you stick with it and post the same time of the day/week/month/quarter, over time, your followers will grow!

6. Develop Money Making Conversion Funnels

How many email subscribers are added to your email list every day? There’s a saying, “if you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a business.” By creating an opt-in page and driving traffic to it, you’ll build an email list to keep providing value and inviting them to invest with you.

7. Start Podcasting

Radio replaced newspapers. Television replaced radio. Now our phones are replacing the television, radio, and newspapers. Podcasting is an easy way to connect with people around the world so they can listen to you while they drive, workout, clean, etc.

8. Publish and Leverage a Business Card Book

What are the first six letters in authority? Authors are instant author-ity figures, instantly acru upgraded credibility, they’re perceived as experts, and are highly sought after because of all that. There’s a chapter in my upcoming book, The One Minute Authorpreneur, which teaches you how to use a published book and your author status as your greatest marketing asset. Download that free chapter today!

9. Start Hosting Webinars

Webinars are a great way to keep expenses low, introduce your product/service to a mass amount of people, build your email list, and they will save you a lot of time in the long run.

When conducting your webinars, start by showing how you’re the authority on the topic, then teach your viewers how to do it themselves before introducing your product/service.

Take Action

REMEMBER: The hidden secret to all success is consistency, persistence, and tenacity. As long as you have the desire to experience explosive growth and believe that it’s possible, you will achieve all the results you’re dreaming about. Expect the best!

Think you need a little more help? Download my “9 Marketing Tactics You Can Start Today to Experience Explosive Growth (plus six bonuses)” report for free to learn tactical actions for each of these nine steps!