In Books, the Ultimate Knowledge Is Found

How reading keeps you in the know.

I have come to a point where reading has become a way of life, as oppose a thing to do. There is never a moment where I do not have a current book I’m reading, and the ways this singular act has changed my life are profound. Reading went from being a forced habit, to a hobby, and has now become an unconscious desire to know more. There is just so much to know about so many things, that it is impossible to consciously choose to be in the dark tunnels of ignorance.

Every book, regardless of its genre, has a message to pass and it also takes you to places (abstract or physical) that you might never go otherwise. While it serves as a pastime to ward away boredom, it has proven to be much more than that. Finding out about other cultures, basking in the glory of innovation across borders, pushing your minds to the limits of your beliefs and taking up more flexible theories and possibilities; books have given me so much knowledge-induced power.

In ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown, I learnt that world’s population was increasing exponentially. Elizabeth Gilbert in ‘Eat Pray Love’, told me that Italy had the best pizza spots ever. Napoleon Hill, in ‘Think and Grow Rich’, made me buy into the idea of the possible occurrence of telepathy and clairvoyance. I didn’t know there was anything like card counting until I read Ben Mezrich’s ‘Bringing down the house’. I learnt the cruelty of power and manipulation in ‘The 48 laws of power’; ‘The art of war’ taught me that peace could be an option, and ‘The alchemist’ made me believe in the magic of foresight, alchemy, and going after your dreams. I could go on forever.

Basically, knowledge is more than power; it is also beauty, pain, and growth. It makes you wake up in the morning, understanding that there is a life beyond routine and what you see. It gives you an idea about how the world works and how there are, indeed, no limitations. Readers, while enjoying the stories and creativity of their favourite authors, should read to know. Have an open mind to things that seem impossible. Research into the possible realities of events and theories that seem a little too out of this world, and don’t stop until you need to.

The knowledge you garner is one of your most valuable assets. It is one thing that would not fail you and it has the power to offer you the best things of life. As a speaker, your diversity in knowledge would make you sound like a pro in all topics and at all times. It equips you with the information that would keep you moving forward and knowledge would almost never fail you. Find the books that you love and be conscious of the fact that you are on a quest for infinite knowledge. You cannot afford to go through your entire life in the dark, so know what type of information you are interested in or those that would be useful to you, and read until your brain capacity literally increases.

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