In Namaste… I Bow Down

The Bridging of Humanity and Divinity By SIMRAN

My hands are clasped as I kneel. This heart and body is ravaged from war… a civilized one…as if there could be such a thing. It is a battle that began long ago; so long that neither of us know who started it. But, this is not our war; we inherited it. From aeons ago, it came. And now, I pray for peace; your piece and my piece. This piece and that peace. Our children’s peace and our ancestors piece. With layers of baggage, I kneel before you…

I bow down. Not in submission, but in devotion. In Namaste. I have come before humanity, humbled and naked, not broken but broken open. There is a difference. None of this made me weak; it made me stronger. It is making me whole. I see from a place beyond my eyes. I know in a sense beyond any senses. I am still at my core, while my body still moves. These days all of my doing… is being.

I kneel as woman; a sacred one. I kneel as man; the sacred other. I prostrate in prayer to us, as the reflection of separation in experience; and the knowing of our oneness as truth. In what moment will we reunite? Have these times been the ones we have been waiting for? Or, do we wait more to move beyond the risen patriarchy, the silent matriarchy… this illusion of hierarchy. Must we each rise up in force? In power? In more war? Perhaps, it is time to see that we have both fallen by the wayside, in attempts to get our own way. We must dis-integrate what we have become. To find ourselves gain, we had to become lost.

And the houses are now crumbling down. This chaos. It is the invitation. It is possibly the blessing. As we stand in the crumbling rubble, we each will see what was strong and vital. Those pieces shall remain standing. That peace will reign. And if nothing remains, then we shall once again find ourselves in the open wild of the garden of eden. Even in that, peace shall reign. The question is…. would you bite the apple again? Would you partake of the tree? Or shall we allow ourselves to experience the beauty of our sheer nakedness in the garden? Innocent. Playful. As children…awakening to our humanity.

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