In New Book, “Why Didn’t You Ask?” Author Panya Dixon Delivers Readers a Double-Dose of Purpose-Driven Living

Author Panya Dixon

Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people. I have found these two statements to be true time and time again. When I decided to share my story with the world over three years ago, I had no idea that in sharing my truth, I’d inspire so many to make life-changing choices by sharing their truths as well.

As a survivor of mental and physical abuse, it is not easy to allow people into the “behind the scenes” happenings of what was. To save face, and to seem like the one who is “stronger than strong,” women and men around the world suffer in silence wondering if one day things will suddenly change, or if someone will come to their rescue. For some, safety comes. And for others, that day never happens.

Some of the best stories ever told involve personal accounts of trials, tests, testimonies and triumphs. Thriving abuse survivor, Panya Dixon’s story is no different.

In her new book, “Why Didn’t You Ask?” Panya shares her candid and transparent accounts about her past life which has fueled her to be the “Ambitious Winning Woman” she’s become today. In a society where #MeToo has been and is becoming more of the norm, bold women like Panya are stepping up to tell their stories, and to offer insight, guidance and heling to those who have experienced the same.

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As I read Panya’s story, I remembered being a teen, listening to my friends tell stories of their sexual activities while looking at me as if I was “lame” for not being sexually active or promiscuous as they were. Just like Panya shares in her story, I too never received the “birds and bees” talk; my mother just said “Sex is bad, don’t do it.” Her short response never made me want to know more, I just figured if she said it, it must be true. The lack of attention and guidance Panya received led her to going through so much more than any young person should ever have to endure–all because no one asked her questions. No one gave her an outlet. No one gave her a way out. In turn, she figured it out and created her own path to healing and restoration.

So many young girls and boys go through life reliving situations from their childhood, never knowing how to fully heal or approach life in a way that helps them live wholesome lives. Luckily for Panya, even in the dysfunction of her childhood and teenage years, she managed to rebuild and began living a life that she and her family could be proud of. Not only is she a living example of what perseverance looks like, she is also an example of reaching back to help the next person live better.

Even in a socially-driven world like ours, people who hurt are looking for someone to hear them out–to ask questions. “Why Didn’t You Ask?” was Panya’s response to every situation she had to go through practically alone. “Mind your business,” “It doesn’t affect me,” and “She is grown,” are all things people say to and about people who are internally struggling to make it out of tough situations. Even in this, it never hurts to ask a question. The next time you come across someone who seems to be having a bad day, ask them how they are doing, and be genuinely concerned. You never know what answer you’ll receive, and how that response can open the door to someone’s freedom.

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