In the Pursuit of Good Health

( excerpt from Joyful Cooking in the Pursuit of Good Health).

My journey began after the birth of my first child. My illness started subtly. I began to tire easily. I experienced an onset of joint pain, as the stiffness eventually affected my entire body. The physical discomfort became so intense that walking became laborious and painful. As my joints became more stiff and more locked up even sitting down hurt. When my newborn son would cry from his crib I had to crawl on all fours to get to his room; I used his crib as a grip to pull myself up. All the delight I felt at being a mother for the first time was shadowed by excruciating pain. The joints in my fingers were so swollen and red that I could not pull the velcro off his diapers.

After rounds of testing I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, although precisely what type I had remained unclear. I began treatment with powerful medications. The side effects were horrible and I felt more debilitated each day. My daily existence was an effort. The simplest of tasks took a “ Herculean effort,” in fact I found myself on a mapless terrain of illness; where no change seemed possible. I was scared. Feeling completely alone, fear and darkness ribboned through me. I was unsure of what I would face next.

After a move across the country to a new state, I was determined not to spend my life exhausted, weak and in pain. I had a new baby and I wanted to take care of that bundle of joy. Knowing that the way out of the pain was to go through it, I sought the opening, a gap of light between the shades of darkness. That gap allowed me to step outside my fear and have faith. With time and patience this gap of light filled me with strength of courage, warmth of love, and and the unwavering faith I needed in order to heal. I elected to make wise choices about what I could change, and move forward into the unknown terrain of the next moment. I began to sense a new direction. I set my intention on healing, and in some mysterious way, a new path appeared.

By a series of synchronistic events, I became connected with a medical doctor who practiced nutrition. He had studied hair analysis, and he clipped my hair, yes, my hair, and recommended a new diet, along with mulitple modalites that would complement my healing nutritional changes, lifestyle modificaitons and meditation.

Each suggestion influenced the state of my improved health. Nutrition taught me that there is nothing more amazing than the human body. By choosing natural, nutrient rich foods, I learned that I could restore my energy, and that by eating inflammatory foods- sugars and processed foods, I could trigger illness. Lifestyle changes taught me to sleep more so that my body could heal, and meditation shifted my life outlook, teaching me to lsiten to my body. For too many years I ignored by body’s cues, consciously blinding myself from the link between my actions and my body’s healthful state. However, I realized through the practice of meditation that I was disconnected and detached from my own needs, thoughts and emotions. If I continued to live in this manner, unaware and disconneced from myself, I would not find good health. For the first time in many years, I stood inside my own truth. It was both powerful and frightening. I became more self-reflective, and reconnected with myself; I became attuned to my body and my mind, as I began to uncover a much needed sense of balance in my life.

My recovery was quick, something I would have never dreamed possible after the terrible onslaught of pain and exhaustion I had once experienced. Within a few months I was off my medications, my energy improved and I was on the road to recovery. After several months of following this healing regimen, the lab report on all my blood tests showed normal results. It took me almost a full year to feel like myself, but everyday I was encouraged by more energy, less pain and constant progress.

Having regained my own health, I am fortunate to now help others all over the world, regain theirs. Because of my personal health triumph, I believe that you, too, can restore your health. To begin the pursuit of good health, I urge you to educate yourself and make the changes that will get you into the best condition possible.

Here’s to your health!