Increase Risk Tolerance by Investing


Do you hate taking risks and can’t stand any sort of change? Well, that was me about 6 months ago. I was extremely conservative with my money and never did much out of my comfort zone. As an aspiring entrepreneur and author, I had to become best friends with risk.

So, my dad and I began to study the stock market. After doing research and shedding the fear of losing money while in college, we took the next step. You may ask, what’s the big deal? It is no secret that college is expensive and losing this money would definitely affect my life, but the lessons I’ve learned are incredible.

There have been times when the stocks have plummeted and soared, but I’m no longer concerned about the financial gain. Taking those leaps of faith are how we grow as individuals. There’s something liberating about doing what scares you and feeling that personal growth.

What are you walking around and avoiding these days? If you’re uncomfortable with risk, I suggest investing in the stock market. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a ton of money and it is the life lessons that we seek. Life isn’t meant to be lived in a boring manner and taking risks are almost always worth it.

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