Infinity is my Spirit Symbol

Love never ends.

Infinity is my favorite symbol. It reminds me that no matter how many turns and twists this life gives me . . . I always come back to where I started–my true self.

My truth.

It is our destiny that we travel the warriors journey to find our true purpose and the meaning of what we are meant to do.

My truth. Not what others have told me that my truth should be, ought to be, or have tried to force me to accept. I’ve let years and years, layers and layers fall away. It’s just me now, the naked truth.

This bracelet is made with the intention that we will find our path, our purpose, our destiny. I don’t talk much about my metal smithing — taking hunks of metal, turning them into a sacred tool. I create as time allows and inspiration flows. A small group of people know of what I do. This is one way I create and share my sacred way of living.

I believe that I was placed on this earth to learn and to teach, to seek an be shown, to choose love in every moment, to share the wisdom through my writing and creating. In a quiet way. Subtle strength. A simple and sacred way of being.

Looking Back

The first half of my life — I didn’t understand how I was to share my purpose. I was under the impression that I needed to fight for justice, right the wrongs, be bold above everything else. When I think back I can be a little embarrassed by the approaches I employed. I have learned the lessons of my earlier years. I misunderstood how to express my truth. I barked up the wrong trees.


What I know now is that life is a flow that can’t be forced — I will find my teachers and my students as we walk along this life together.

Make no mistake. I am a fierce and loving force. I am passionate. I am focused. I will no longer let anyone have power over me. I’ve entered into a spiritual maturity I did not know was possible. When I don’t feel peaceful I know it is time to heal, love, forgive and see the oneness in all living things. When I feel off, I know that I’m out of sync and require time to find the rhythm again. When these things show up, I know that I need to find my truth again.

I wear this bracelet everyday as a reminder to live fully, joyfully, truthfully in the moment.

I blog a little on and create exclusive sacred artisan jewelry.

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