Introduction to Who I Am…Welcome to World Changer Nation, Let’s Go!

Joy in the midst of pain, overcome the odds to massive success!

Some of you may know me, many may not. My goal as a contributor to Thrive Global is to enrich your life with inspiration, knowledge, and “golden nuggets” (I’m not talking about golden chicken nuggets, I’m talking like the rare golden nuggets you find in the Alaskan Mountains, WISDOM) to help you live the life you’ve always wanted. My name is Joshua Therrien, and my biggest purpose in life is to help as many people in life as possible (especially kids). I know that we all at some point in life go through heartache, pain, and experience sadness in life. As you get to know the information I have for you, you will find that there is joy in the midst of pain.

From losing my father and mother to drug addiction, to losing my first baby with the love of my life, I know what it’s like to have to over come extreme pain. It’s during these times where our overcoming shines the most or our darkness can destroy us the most. Life is about choices, we can make the choice to let circumstances ruin our lives, or we can use our circumstances as a way to impact and change the world.

Today, I get to write on this very article because of the choices I made to overcome the pain that was dealt to me in life. I have decided to use my pain and experiences to motivate me to be the best husband, father, business man, and mentor I could possibly be! I am here, to help guide you to do this too! I believe that every single person who has breath in their lungs, has the ability to make an impact in the world, so if you’re reading this, I’m talking to you!

Now I am not going to give fluff to you. It’s going to be raw and real, like sushi (I love sushi, heck I actually really just love food, but sushi is raw and real, so yeah…back to what I was saying). People are going to always try to bring you down from the success you are looking to gain when you decide to elevate your life to new levels. Doesn’t matter if your 10 or if your 50, you will have some of the most surprising people not there for you when you decided to take the next step in life and conquer the world. I am going to help you make that next step. Whether it be relationships, health, business, my goal is to help you all, take the step away from average and into a life filled with excellence.

Trust the information I have for you in the articles to come, as I promise it will help you. I mean who am I? I’m just a boy who was made fun of by his third grade teacher who was told he smelled like expletive poop in front of the whole class. I’m just a boy who lost both parents to drug addiction, and was supposed to become like every other child who doesn’t make it in the ghetto. To many, I’m just a dumb idiot who doesn’t know what he is doing, yet at 25 years old has traveled the world, started multiple business’, networked with some of the greatest minds and started the greatest non-profit for foster care kids in America. I’m just a man who wasn’t supposed to get married at 22, never mind become a foster care parent of 3 amazing kids.

Listen, love me, like me, or lump me, I am here for you. You will be inspired by the experiences I have been through and the wisdom that I have been graciously given by many others who have gone before me. Now is the time for you to become a World Changer! Rise up, World Changer Nation!