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Miraculous New Ways To Fight This Deadly epidemic

By Katy Cable, TWR
A 5-Minute Read That May Save Your Dog’s Life

Each morning I begin my day by swirling a heaping tablespoon coconut oil in my cappuccino. The next hour plus is spent answering emails and checking my social media threads. Each day my heart breaks and my prayers go out to many of my beloved canine friends who have been diagnosed with cancer. I feel that horrible kick in the gut any pet owner feels when they get that dreaded diagnosis. The story you are about to read would’ve seemed just too good to be true had I not witnessed the miraculous healing with my own eyes. -Several times over. So, get ready! I’m beyond excited to share with you one of the most important pieces I’ve ever written. I hope it gives you some much needed hope and optimism about new possibilities.

On what looks like any other rural road just outside Austin Texas, lies a place where canine cancer is meeting its match. It’s called the KetoPet Sanctuary. Here, local shelter dogs with terminal cancers, “RED-TAGGED” dogs who are set to be euthanized, are given a second-chance. They are taken in and provided, (free-of-charge) the highest quality, state-of-the-art, cancer treatment options available. -And the results are absolutely ASTOUNDING!

If you picture this KetoPet Sanctuary to be an extravagant, high-tech medical compound, where dogs are kept like “research-rats” in a sterile lab, you may be very surprised that it looks just like any other comfortable, unassuming Texas ranch. The big difference is this ranch is proving to hold the key to treating canine cancer.

The KetoPet Sanctuary is a 53-acre facility, idyllic for dogs. It boasts an outdoor water park, dog run and agility area, while the interior is furnished with sofas, dog beds, blankets, and every dog toy imaginable. What’s really fascinating is right there alongside all the fun and comforts, is the most technologically advanced, state-of-the art human-grade diagnostic equipment such as the PET/CT scan (A nuclear medicine imaging test used to evaluate normal and abnormal biological function of organs and cells.) As well as two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which have proven to shrink cancer tumors.

Believe it or not, the top weapon in the battle of cancer lies not in a complex machine or new research drug but rather a simple diet anyone can follow at home. It’s called a ketogenic diet (thus the sanctuary’s name), and it’s proving to quite literally melt away cancer.

What is this astounding diet? The ketogenic diet is based on a theory presented by Otto Warburg in 1924. Warburg hypothesized that cancer feeds on sugar (which is what carbohydrates break down to) and it cannot process fats well. Therefore if you eliminate the carbs (sugars) and add fats, you’ll stop the growth of cancer. The true meaning of the ketogenic diet is any nutritional approach that encourages the body to produce ketones. What are ketones? Ketones are simply short-chain fats that are produced in your liver and used for energy. Eating ketogenically and using ketones for fuel has been shown to provide a host of overall health benefits, including increased cognitive function, improved insulin sensitivity, and enhanced performance.

A typical Ketogenic diet looks like this: 80 to 90% fat from MCT’s (such as coconut or olive oils) 5 to 15% protein (usually beef) and 5% low-glycemic carbohydrates (from mostly green vegetables). In addition, all of the dogs participate in MetCon, (their term for metabolic conditioning) which is the other key defense in their cancer-blasting arsenal.

MetCon involves a very strenuous regime of exercises specifically designed to boost the metabolism as well as maximize the number of calories burned. This level of physical activity has proven benefits including greater heart health and better metabolic functioning.

Weekly blood work is performed on every dog as well as monthly CT and PET scans. These tests closely monitor and evaluate their cancers. The results they are seeing are nothing short of miraculous. So much so that even some of the biggest skeptics are now excited.

One of their most remarkable success stories to date is that of a six-year-old Vizsla, named Cali. Cali was originally thought to be pregnant when she first arrived at the animal shelter. A pregnancy ultrasound revealed not a litter of puppies but tragically, only one pup and one massive tumor. The findings got worse. Cali was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, one of the most aggressive, deadly cancers in canines. The mortality rate is nearly 100%. This particular type of cancer does not respond to chemotherapy and other types of cancer treatments. Cali’s prognosis was grim. Given less than a month to live, Cali was scheduled to be euthanized until, she was offered a second chance at the KetoPet Sanctuary.

Cali underwent treatment and, after 30 days half her tumors had literally melted away. The other half had shrunk drastically. After 180 days, Cali was completely cancer free with no tumors found on any of her scans. At last report, over the holidays, Cali was 680 days cancer-free and running around like a young puppy at the sanctuary.

And Cali is not just some miraculous fluke. Since the KetoPet Sanctuary opened their doors in October 2014, HUNDREDS of dogs have also received “a new leash on life” and are living cancer-free after following the KetoPet regime. Dogs like Trooper, a boxer, who has been free of a rare type of blood cancer since November, 2015 and Blazer, a Staffordshire mix who has been devoid of mast cell cancer for over eight months.

And this story gets even better. Not only are dogs beating death sentences with their cancers, they are also available for adoption once they have successfully completed treatment. Every dog brought in is provided care and love until they find a forever home. (After completing her treatment, Cali was adopted by the founders of the KetoPet Sanctuary.)

It’s unbelievable that something as simple as a diet and exercise regimen can kill these deadly cancers, but that is exactly what’s happening. When it comes to fighting cancer it’s a DIET that has proven to be far more powerful than any drug currently available. A diet that’s affordable, simple and doesn’t come with the adverse side effects of many drugs. A ketogenic diet actually uses the body’s metabolism to halt and burn cancer.

It all sounded just too good to be true and being the skeptic I am, I wondered why I hadn’t heard of something this remarkable before. I then learned that because there is no miracle drug to unveil, no pet food or product to promote, and no financial “pot-of-gold” at the end of this rainbow, nobody has been putting money into researching this approach. -That is until the founders of the KetoPet Sanctuary came along. One of the really cool things about the efforts at the KetoPet Sanctuary is that it isn’t dependent on grant money from a large company also selling pet food or products, nor is there a lucrative drug patent to cash in on, It’s simply the passion and dream of two entrepreneurs who also had the necessary dollars to try and solve the #1 killer facing canines today.

The heros behind this unprecedented effort are husband and wife team, Shannan & Ron Penna, who are the makers of Quest Protein Bars. As one of the nation’s fastest growing companies with half a billion dollars in annual sales, they decided to empty their deep pockets and fund research on metabolic disease and the profound effect diet plays. They formed the Epigenix Foundation and hoped to cure the #1 killer of canines (with 1 out of 2 dog affected in their lifetime) and the #2 killer of Americans. After all, regardless of the massive amounts of finances and research devoted to finding a cure for cancer, little headway has been made.

Co-founder Shannan Penna and her husband Ron are also passionate dog owners who always dreamed of having an animal sanctuary. Not long after they created Epigenix, they realized combining their dream with this new endeavor was a perfect fit and the KetoPet Sanctuary was born.

Other exciting developments are now available. A remarkable documentary, The Canine Cancer Survival Series” created by my friend, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker is NOW AVAILABLE! It features interviews with groundbreaking researchers from around the globe as well as the option to purchase personalized coaching, meal plans, and join the canine cancer forum. The miraculous victories shown in the workshop videos will completely astound you. -And give you HOPE! Click the link below to view workshops and/or join.

Best of all, the founders of the KetoPet Sanctuary have shared their Keto Pet Diet for canines and I am happy to send it to you for FREE by simply clicking this link and entering your email address: KETOGENIC DIET If your dog is suffering from cancer or another metabolic disease, I encourage you to work with your pet’s veterinary team and give this a try.

I hope you will share this information and spread the word to anyone who might be in need. And of course, I look forward to seeing the day when cancer is no longer a dreaded death sentence but a treatable condition. Keep me posted on your miracles. Pugs and kisses! 🐾😘

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