Is This a Lifetime Movie or What?

Women really are amazing, resilient creatures. They are Goddesses, in fact. I wanted to share with you the story of one, my Business Coach, Patty Beach, who has also become a best friend in the past few years. I’ve watched her grow leaps and bounds as I became her Life Coach as well, where we’ve worked mindset, energy management, Chakras, emotions, the past, and her way of being. So she could stop feeling like she had to fight the world and let her true Light shine. She’s a generous soul with a giant heart and yes, still tough as nails when she needs to be. I want the women out there, no matter what is going on in their lives, to know they to can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Ladies, I am cheering you on. Get some support. Go to a therapist, hire a coach, do what you need to do to take your power back. You deserve a wonderful life. You got this. Read Patty’s story to be inspired:

Patty Beach is a woman with a story fit for a Lifetime movie. She was in a domestic nightmare. She raised two boys alone. She was drug raped by a stranger when she was on a business trip. She made and lost thousands as an Entrepreneur. Despite everything that has tried to knock her down during her life, Patty rose like a Phoenix from the Ashes over and over again.

Here is her story:

At nineteen, Patty was a single, teenage mom of a boy who underwent a life threatening surgery when he was just shy of three months old. Standing in the hospital room having to make life and death decisions for her infant son, she knew there was no turning back. She was a mom and she was on her own.

A couple months after the fear of losing her son, Patty’s friends encouraged her to come out with them, to a concert at a small venue. It was the age of rock ballads and guys with long hair breaking the rules.

Much like a Danielle Steele or Harlequin novel, she met him; the guy across the crowded room, his long auburn hair, blue eyes, and a smile that just melted her into the mystery of who he was. Little did she know, that night would change her life forever.

A wild and frenzy love affair traveling the eastern seaboard would turn dark in a matter of weeks, and last just over 18 months… bringing another son into the world.

During that time, Patty experienced multiple beatings, two stabbings, court appearances, being blackmailed into marriage (so the state wouldn’t have a victim), being thrown in front of a moving truck, the child they shared together, having her second son stolen out of his crib by her husband, and her oldest being left in a bed full of glass. The terror of a child being kidnapped and her oldest harmed was the final straw for her.

The hell that he put Patty and her family through is indescribable. Yet, she looked deep within her soul, her very being, to stand strong and face the system…to be the voice for herself and her children.

Spending two days on the witness stand and having to relive the trauma he put her through, she stepped down through the tears and walked away knowing her decision to do this wasn’t about love or hate, but rather about what’s right and wrong, and her job as a mother to protect her child at all costs.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough. While he went to prison, he was released about 8 years later and met a woman with four children. He put them through a similar hellish nightmare. This time claiming drugs and alcohol caused him to be so violent.

The state, knowing Patty was on the witness notification and under protection from this man, reached out to her asking if she would be willing to help again to put this man behind bars. She would not have to speak or be a part of the proceedings, rather just be present in the courtroom.

Assured protection from the state she looked deep within herself once again, to be the voice for herself, her children, and the woman with her children whom he had victimized.

Fear coursing through her body, she sat in that courtroom knowing and waiting, yet to the outside world that day she looked strong, fearless, and unwavered.

Seeing Patty in the courtroom, he became incensed and tried to attack her. To make things worse, his mother was in the courtroom — and she threatened to kill Patty! The judge cleared the courtroom and the police escorted Patty to the city line to make sure she left the city safe and without being followed.

Needless to say, he’s now in prison.

A few years later, while working as an insurance agent out on the road, a New England winter storm came into the area early, with Patty in the mountains.

She had just one more client to see on the other side of the mountain on her way home. Unfortunately, a head on collision (that required ski patrol rescuing her from midway up the mountain) changed her life in that very moment.

While recovering from the accident, Patty began researching the new world of dial up internet, aka AOL. She asked her father for $100 loan to get everything she would need to launch a business. Her dad was excited to help and even more so when she asked him to be her partner.

Together they opened a medical billing, marketing, and new practice management agency in 1996. Six months later, they added the focus to any business wanting to hire online support for office work, and became one of the first virtual assistant agencies in the United States.

Over the next three and half years, Patty and her father built a six figure business spending days together and being home for her children after school.

As the turn of the century happened, (and yes rocked out to 1999 by Prince) she was dealt a crushing blow with the sudden death of her father, who had just turned 60 the previous November.

Patty, at 28 years old, threw caution to the wind and began educating herself while working freelance jobs.

Knowing that life is too short, Patty closed her virtual assistant business as the next phase of her journey took shape.

Having no money in her pocket for extra stuff, Patty chose to embrace her passion for the arts by opening her International Model & Talent Management Agency.

Patty grew that company from building her own website with no funds to a multi-million dollar business, managing over 2,000 clients.

That isn’t Patty’s happy ending though.

While on a business trip in LA, tragedy would take another swing in her direction. Just after attending a live taping and an appearance on a tv show, Patty stopped with one of her employees for a drink and to people watch on Hollywood Blvd.

Little did she know that her drink was drugged. And she ended up being raped by a stranger.

It was later discovered that the bartender knew the guy who drugged her drink, raped her, and robbed her hotel room.

Ultimately, this event dismantled the agency and Patty’s life.

Patty, rocked to her core and afraid that she cannot risk anything happening to her again, found the courage and strength to reopen her virtual assistant business. Her years of experience allowed her to add in specialized services such as online business management and coaching.

True to her nature, she built another multiple six figure business, but something was missing…the spotlight and the fame that came with the modeling and talent management agency. She filled this passion by working with ambitious, women entrepreneurs and helped them to build their dreams.

Patty is tough as nails when it comes to her clients and that strength is what has seen her through the challenges life has repeatedly thrown her way.

Fast forward to the present.

After years of deep, inner work, mindset coaching, working with mentors, and counseling, Patty is stepping back into her roots of public relations, advertising, and marketing; only this time for women speakers, authors, and coaches instead of models and actors.

With 20+ years of experience in working with visionary leaders in the areas of publicity, strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and membership growth, not to mention multiple degrees in business management, business administration, public relations, sales and marketing, Patty has created the world’s first and only boutique PR agency that services exclusively to women authors, coaches, speakers and holistic practitioners.

Haute Pink PR was born from Patty’s heart, her love of speaking on stage, and giving others the opportunity to own their purpose. Not to mention some good old fashioned Hollywood glam; think pink, Marilyn, and Audrey.

Patty says she, “channels her inner Scarlett O’Hara,” to get the necessary things done that will turn her clients into stars.

Even though she has and currently struggles with anxiety and depression, much of which is caused by PTSD, Patty maintains a strong, positive mindset that makes her determined, resilient, and downright unstoppable.

Her grounded side, that makes her longevity as an Entrepreneur, is her life is filled with love. Her horse, Autumn, and her grand babies also keep her young.

She prides herself in being a champion for her clients.

“I’ve never felt like a victim — I felt like, “why me?” Then I remembered that God will never give or ask more of me than he knows I can handle, even if I don’t know I can. I have to trust that in life and business, that even in my darkest hour, there is always light and hope, and that when I step into faith and belief in greater things I will always shine.”

She is more than a survivor.

Patty is an empowered, bold, audacious, and successful woman.

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