It Is All Your Fault

Don’t Sweat It

Stress. We all have experience it in one form or another. It is completely natural. Me starting college is stress in its’ own forms. I stress over class, over making friends, over my being on my own. I stress as if it was not a silent killer, but it is. It eats up our insides. It destroys our arteries. It elevates your heart rate. I do not know why I do it because if I have learned anything it is that is entirely unnecessary. Stress is suppose to be used instinctually to warn against harm, but now in days we view every aspect of our lives as harm. We think so deep into everything that we are more afraid than ever. We left ignorance behind and we swore away the bliss.What ever happened to “don’t think, just jump?” And why do we not listen. We do not jump, we think and what do we get from that. We don’t get the happiness we long for. We don’t get anything but an increase in our weight and a decade off our lifespan.

My professor once told me “ Stress increases the desire for reward, but not the pleasure.” We want it more, but we enjoy it just the same. We kill ourselves over the desire expecting the pleasure to increase. We are expecting to be paid off for our suffering, yet we get paid just the same. We stress not because it is instinctual anymore, but because we want to. We want to be worried and we want to feel the pain. I can honestly say I do not know why; all I know is I do it too. I stress over situations I have no control over. Why do we do it? What global crisis caused us to evolve into these masochists of people? What made us want to feel the pain? Maybe we feel we do not deserve the reward and if we suffer in one way or another that we almost earn it. We destroy everything that is handed to us and then we beg for it back. We cannot accept anything because of our interior battle with guilt. So in turn we battle with not just the guilt but the pain. We create new problems to deal with our current ones. We really are our own worst enemy. We are human.

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