ILAB 48 Women Leadership~Bali, Indonesia

IT IS POSSIBLE to change your life and business in 15 days.

Imagine two weeks of intense mentorship, adventures and powerful business acceleration with a group of fellow dynamic entrepreneurs. I travelled from the Unites States to Vision Villas, an entrepreneur resort in Bali, Indonesia and experienced ILAB, a business & growth accelerator and it was the best business and personal investment of my life. The journey I went on was informational, magical and has accelerated my life and business towards my natural pathway. I chose this two week program to learn more about Roger James Hamilton’s Millionaire Master Plan and tools to grow my partnership and business. The light bulb moment came with the realization that before I can embark on a pathway to financial success, I would need to focus, go within and get clear knowing my identity, value and who and where I am. The first week, we were challenged to ask ourselves the Why? Who? What? When? How? questions about our personal foundation such as our strengths and weaknesses, our financial plumbing, team, self-worth, and most important, why we showed up and are doing what we are and what our vison, passion and purpose is. Paul Dunn, one of our mentors, asked us the first day to finish this sentence; I wake up every morning to…

This exercise was empowering and laid the foundation for the following two weeks. It reminded me to lead with the WHY and really understand the importance of developing and doing business that really matters and will make a positive impact to myself, clients, community and the world.

Now with authority I can say, “I wake up every morning to create EDventures and support my travel and educational platforms so that entrepreneurs can grow their business, collaborate, travel, connect, live life on purpose and make a positive impact in our world,” AND without a doubt, I know my genius, strengths, value, vision and have a step by step plan that is leading me up my personal pathway to financial freedom and adventure.

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