Its Monday..

Let’s DO This!!

Hey Team!

Happy Monday!!

I made it back from my 3 days of Recovery in Montauk..

And.. I am ready to take on Monday…

I got 2 workouts in out there and yesterday I did some amazing HEAT Therapy..

What is Heat Therapy?

For about 75 minutes, I rotated between steam, dry sauna, hot water submersion, and a cold shower (to break up rounds)…

What this did for me was “burn my top layer”… you know that level of tension that most of us run around with?

Yea.. that one.. GONE.

The heat works to melt that down.. and almost inhibit our peripheral nervous system.. allowing the body to relax in a deeper state..

My lesson was that doing this once a week would be amazing for me…

But.. getting out there would be tough..

So, I either have to find an alternative close to home, or find a way to replicate using the steam and shower at my gym..

Either way, it was a great time!

I even managed to knock out 2 more Chapters of my book, BECOMING A CHAMPION.. which I hope to have out later this Spring!

If you haven’t unplugged in a while.. DO IT!

It is worth it!

Don’t make the excuse because the benefit far outweighs it!

I did something else that was also pretty cool out there that I will share in greater detail this week…a SALT CAVE Session (pretty cool concept to sit in 8 tons of Himalayan Salt..)

Well, it’s time to take on the week!

Let’s do this!


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