It’s Not About the Idea, It’s About Its Execution.

Don’t celebrate when you get a brilliant idea, celebrate when you can brilliantly execute it.

image via pixabay

Many starting entrepreneurs obsess over keeping their ideas secret. Out of fear of being copied, they don’t share what they are working on. They don’t test their ideas letting their passion lead the development process. This strategy can be very dangerous for business owners as they may continue working on something that has little commercial value.

Fear of being copied may get in a way of starting a business as well. Entrepreneurs who don’t ask for advice may get stagnant. Their great unshared ideas may stay unexecuted. Working in solitude can be demotivating. Starting a business is a lengthy process, which usually doesn’t provide any immediate rewards. Opinion sharing and camaraderie may motivate us to patiently continue our hustle without being fixated on rewards.

Working in solitude and not sharing ideas may lead us to frustration and quitting the process. As entrepreneurs, we don’t get bi-monthly paychecks, pats on the back, promotions and raises. Sometimes our intrinsic motivation can only go that far. We may need to get motivated externally along the way or our drive may fade.

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that it’s not about coming up with a new idea, inventing and being first. Most often it’s about how well the idea gets executed. This is yet another reason why obsessing over keeping it secret will not pay off. Working alone with no external feedback may result in poor outcome. Another entrepreneur, who will opt in for sharing and being open may base his business trajectory on feedback, adjusting and pivoting. His idea execution will be more in tune with what customers want to buy because he had been listening to them all along the way. Clients will feel appreciative of being included in the early stages of the design process showing their thanks by spreading the word about our business.

Gone are the days where entrepreneurs work solo until the official reveal. This strategy is just too risky. Success is now the result of collaborative effort. We care less about being surprised by the novelty and more about getting our problems solved.


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