Its OK Not To Have A Plan!

In this fast moving world, people are different.

Everything has to start from scratch. But You do not have to make a plan because things do not always work according to plan.

So it is equally fair enough not to have a plan for it.

In one of the Tedx talks by Mithila Palker,she describes a journey of a well known mainstream actor and his “plans” for his ahead life. His journey started with a plan. A plan to meet his celebrity crush and not as a fan but some person as part of showbiz. This was his ultimate plan.

He left his house and moved to the big city. He starts grabbing small roles in theaters and televisions. And through the years, he developed a passion and love for his work. He forgot about his ultimate plan to meet the celebrity and now he is even bigger than her teenage crush. So things tend to happen for him through the small passions.

You just need to have passion. And the will to pursue that passion however difficult it is. And eventually, things will fall into place. You should just sweat and not worry about the fruits of your labor.

Society has turned out this way. According to them, the only mantra to live life is to grow up, graduate and do a “decent 9–5 job”. Following a passion is the things which educated people do not do is their cry. So let them cry and make reasons for it. The only one that matter at the end is family and you.

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”

How happy are you playing guitar, acting, or being a storyteller? How satisfied you feel at the end of the day? And just remember it is never too late to start.

Sometimes we think about to have a decent job just to meddle. You catch up new things so that you do not have to explain yourself to people all around who are very interested to know things. Your passion will catch you anyway. Just be brave enough to hold it on and never let it go.

Giving up is not the answer to it. It will make you restless and unhappy and that is not where you want to be after 10 years, thinking about why you gave up. Why did not you tried just one more time? Living with regrets is a harsh thing.

At the start, there will be many times when you will walk an empty and busy road silently. Thinking about the decisions you took and what it has led to. Negative thoughts will fill in the brain and everything will conspire you to quit just because that will be the easiest path to take that time.

It will take courage to take the next step. As you go along, you will figure out from rejections and experiences the next place or spot you want to be. You will find yourself in the process and rejections will give you courage. You will find thousands of people doing the same thing and you will question yourself.

The only thing in your control is to give your best. This is where you have to search yourself rather than others.You will build resilience. Failure when strikes multiple times becomes easier for you to recover.

You will have to hustle and you know nothing worth comes easy. There is no hurry in making big decisions for yourself early in life. And that is fine. The answer to this is experimenting and doing it fearlessly.

Everyone does not have the chalked out path for them, so just make your own. The sooner you decide to make it the better.

This article is inspired by one of the TEDx talks by Mithila Palker, an Indian Actress. 
I was so inspired by her speech that decided to quote down some bits for people to read. It is so very new and gives you enough strength to move ahead towards your goal.
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