It’s Time for a New Job. But All You Know is What You Don’t Want. How to Flip the Story.

Stacy Vajta
Apr 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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You want a new job; what that is, though, is a mystery. Here’s what you do know… everything you don’t want.

When you’re just plain old done with the work you’ve been doing or you’re ready for phase two of your career and looking for work that will speak to your heart and soul, not seeing it out there can be frustrating. It might feel like there really isn’t anything you do want… like it doesn’t exist.

But knowing what’s not right can be a valuable level of information when you embark on this next phase of your work life. In fact, for some people, the process of elimination is actually how they best process when it comes to making certain choices.

There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t want this.” You’re not a negative person for clearly knowing what doesn’t feel right, even if you can’t say what you do want… yet.

Just don’t get stuck in that pattern of discernment.

Flip the story from no to yes.

First off, it’s important to recognize that there’s a real difference between saying, “I don’t know what I want,” and recognizing that you’re more aware of what you don’t want, than what you do.

The “I don’t know” story is really more about you not being willing to own what you want. There’s healing work to do there to claim your truth.

But you can create a lot of understanding from looking at what you know you don’t want. The glitch will come in if you don’t flip your “no’s” to “yes’s.”

Don’t jump ahead.

It’s uncomfortable to sit in the mess of not knowing something. Most of us will do anything to relieve that pressure — including making a quick decision to define ourselves and our work before we really know what’s what.

Where you might be getting stuck is in trying to name a job before you know what’s important… before you know who you are even. It’s easy to lose a sense of your gifts, qualities, and vision when you’ve been doing work that perhaps required you to pack those away.

So go deeper. You might not be as confused as you think. Take a step back for a moment and assess what you do know — what you don’t want.

Start with little self-diagnosis.

Make a list. What don’t you want? Name it, own it, then, flip it. Turn each negative into a positive statement.

You don’t want to have to sit in a cubicle all day long? Great, flip that. Maybe you’d prefer to be working outside, or have a job where you get to travel.

Flip your ‘no’s” and see what you reveal.

Then… go deeper.

Before you go searching for a job title that fits your list, take a moment to go deeper.

What about the things on your new list feel important? What do they allow you to express about yourself? What gifts to they let you offer.

Maybe your initial desire to travel is really all about your love of meeting meet new people and learning about different cultures. And hey, if that lights you up, then wouldn’t it be cool to focus on work that lets you do that?

Right now there are so many options when it comes to what you do. Jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago do now, and all kinds of creative opportunities are out there that fit the needs of our ever-changing world.

Take a look at your “yes” list, but don’t take everything there literally. Go even deepe still. Look below the surface for what your heart may be asking for.

Work is becoming the new spiritual frontier.

People everywhere are waking up to themselves and finding their voice and realizing that they need to express themselves through their work in bigger ways. They’re looking at how they can integrate who they are with what they do, to make a change.

Your next job is not just about a job. It’s about you. So your search needs to begin with a search within.

When you look there I bet you’ll realize that you do know what you want… you just need to be brave enough to make the change.

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Stacy Vajta

Written by ~ Get clarity, then do your thing. Find your voice; claim who you are and what you’re here to do. Helping you do that is my thing.

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More than living. Thriving.

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