It’s time to go to work…by sleeping

Let’s get down to real business and go to sleep.

I have this bad habit of staying up as late as possible to ‘do stuff’, because sleep seems to be a waste of time, even though I know that it isn’t. It seems ingrained in my very nature, or perhaps our ‘do more’ society has me brainwashed.

How can you be productive when you’re asleep? Learning new skills, getting work done, exercising, planning for your vacation — none of this gets done when you’re passed out in bed. So we choose to push past our tiredness and sleep later, in order to ‘accomplish more things’ in life. We only live once after all, right?

But your brain is still very much alive and kicking when you’re asleep. In fact, the deepest part of your sleep is when your brain wave activity is the highest. What is it busy with? For starters, it is processing all the information that you’ve been shoving at it during the day. It also does housekeeping by taking out the protein trash, and tidies up all your thoughts. On top of that, it tries to solve problems you were stuck with, while repairing damaged parts of your body. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, and sounds like a ton of work to me!

So I really need to let go and allow my body do its thing. What kind of ‘boss’ would I be if I forced it to overwork and become unproductive as a result? Such a body culture isn’t going to foster any good vibes between us. I need to learn to trust in the abilities of all the hardworking, specialised cells in my body. I may have acquired new knowledge while awake, but it’s time to hand it over to the experts to sharpen those mental and physical blades.

So let’s get down to real business and go to sleep.

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