IV for the Soul

What Gives Me Energy to Serve Others While Loving Myself

When our to-do lists fill our schedules and we’re driven by our dreams, how do we avoid burnout? In my case, one of my biggest lessons for feeling my best was learning to be in charge of my own energy.

Making the most out of sensitivity

As a healer and empath, I own my sensitivity as a gift without allowing it to drain me or make me sick. Many of us are highly sensitive people, needing to develop skills of protection so that we only receive the energy that we need out of an experience and allow everything else to bounce off or drain out. Another key is to cultivate neutrality — a state of equanimity, acceptance, unconditional love and non-judgment in the now as an observer so that we feel compassion for others without actually taking on feelings that don’t belong to us. This allows us to operate from intuition, not emotion, and it keeps us healthy and independent from what’s going on around us. We can sense energy and work with it, healing ourselves and being there for others without it having power over us.

Grounding and Golden Suns

Grounding is one of the first things I do in the morning…it helps me be present in my body so that I can focus and fully experience activities. Since grounding makes us more aware, it prevents accidents and arguments. It also secures our spirit to our bodies so that during meditation, we have a firm springboard from which to journey even higher, exploring expansive spiritual experiences and coming back feeling refreshed and integrated. Finally, it allows any heavy, dark, low-vibrational energy we may have absorbed to pass right through and out of us. There are many techniques for grounding. I use a grounding cord, visualizing a hollow tube of energy extending from my hips down into the center of the earth, drawing out any toxic energies to be transformed and purified.

After I ground, I want to fill all the space I’ve created with my own healthy energy. To do this, I visualize a giant golden sun above my head, calling back any energy that I may have left in the process of commuting from one place to another, interacting with others, dreaming the night before, or any number of other activities. I watch the sun absorbing this energy, getting bigger and brighter until it’s completely full. Then, I visualize bringing this golden sun down into the crown of my head and through my entire body, streaming out the soles of my feet and fountaining out all around me, covering me in an egg of my own light.

Earth and Cosmic Energy

In my work and in my continual learning of personal growth lessons, I heavily rely on my intuition. In order to bring myself into this space, after I’m grounded I guide myself through a process of drawing energy from the earth in through the soles of my feet and mixing it with cosmic energy that I draw in the through the crown of the head. In addition to taking me into an intuitive space, this supercharges my body and makes me tingle with energy and a very blissful feeling all over. This process can awaken our psychic abilities and prompt a new life cycle or spiritual growth spurt in our lives that can be challenging without the right support, so I exercise discernment in how I share it. If you’d like to learn more about this practice, please contact me here.

Kundalini Energy

As I’ve progressed in my spiritual path, my Kundalini energy has become more and more activated. At first, it gave me so much energy and made me feel so ecstatic that I sometimes stayed up most of the night and felt tired the next day. In the beginning, I sensed most of it concentrated in my sacral chakra (pelvic energy center), which could feel highly sexually charged. While Kundalini energy can translate into beautifully pleasurable, intimate, and conscious sexuality, it can also be a tool for intense creativity and manifestation. I learned to take this energy up from my second chakra to my third eye and crown, running it through the rest of my body to harness it for productivity and inspiration with joy and ease. To learn more about working with Kundalini energy, contact me here.

Chakra Balancing

Periodically, my energy centers need a tune-up. Sometimes we’re exerting a lot of energy in launching a business or working through a relationship. I use guided meditation, crystal healing and alchemy crystal bowls to balance and open the chakras and give TLC to any areas that have been working extra hard or feel depleted. Crystals have a specific vibration that emit a certain color when light passes through them. This corresponds to the frequency and color association of each of our 7 main chakras, and when we place them on our bodies or hold them in meditation they can help tune our energy centers to match their naturally healthy frequency. Stones and crystals can also either absorb energy we want to let go of or transfer some of their high-vibrational energy to us. I cleanse crystals and then charge them with Reiki before using them on myself or on clients. Sound vibration with crystal bowls helps by creating motion in our light bodies as well as our physical bodies so that energy can shift and flow in its natural state as blocks and stagnation release.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a realm of consciousness that contain our soul’s journey and all past, present and future possibilities in our highest good. They are like a Google search for everything in existence, and they’ve given me a treasure chest of guidance, healing, energy and inspiration. When I connect to the Records, energy flows into the crown of my head down to my heart, nourishing and replenishing my entire self with vitality and unconditional love. I consult them often when I’m creating, making important decisions or seeking understanding and when helping others to make empowered decisions. For more information on Akashic Record readings or for resources on how to become a certified practitioner, contact me here.


Breathwork is one of the most effective tools I’ve learned to digest emotions, get out of my head and into my heart, and tap into the vulnerability and relaxation that’s necessary to let go and relax enough to deeply rest and connect to self-love, compassion and forgiveness. The act of restoring the body, mind and emotions in this way, then, has a wonderfully energizing effect on me.


You might see me drawing energy from the earth with my bare feet against the grass, or filling up my tank with my hand on a tree trunk and my eyes closed. Walks in nature and observing wildlife have always energized and nourished me. I connect intimately with spirit animal totems and with the medicine that the earth’s plants provide.

Balance in all the main areas of our life.

Mindfulness in paying attention to all areas of my life is one of the crucial ways in which I maintain healthy energy levels. Vocationally, devoting time to my passions, in my case teaching/coaching, healing and writing, always leaves me feeling buzzed and purposeful. Financially, the relief of being organized and responsible keeps me from spending energy worrying or procrastinating. Physically, exercise and eating well keep my body healthy and fit, supporting me in having the endurance for my work and the wellbeing for connecting with my loved ones through a wide spectrum of interests. Mentally, meditation and studying keep my brain on point and constantly learning and expanding to help me be my best. Family-wise, I make my love and gratitude known and enjoy the bond we share through speaking often and spending quality time. Socially, I share fun and consciousness-building events with my friends, supporting each other in our personal growth. Spiritually, I surrender to the universe and open myself to hear its messages and follow my soul’s call.

At the core of all the elements I’ve listed is self-care. It’s the basis for maintaining healthy energy reserves and sharing our gifts while feeling happy and in love with life. Many of us who are natural givers have had to learn this lesson the hard way, but when we put ourselves first, we can be of the most benefit to others and to the world. Let’s love ourselves so we can take care of each other. We’re in an incredibly exciting time of global awakening, and if you’re reading this, you’re part of it.