Image: Rachealgrace Adams

If You See Me Walking Down The Street (IYSMWDTS), speak up! Say Hi, wave, nod…especially if our eyes meet.

Breaking through those barriers that keep us apart—conscious and programmed—is a challenge for us all, as we have more in common than we do different…yet 80+% of our time and energy is spent on the differences.

I am fond of bridge building, breaking down walls and hugging receptive mugs with joyful responses. The ill will of the greed mongering powers that be, would rather see us at war with one another since the conflict(s) between us can be distilled into profits. I applaud the efforts of the dominant culture(s), but the need for each of us to be connected to a movement is inherent to our DNA. I think if we shine enough light on the alternative “bright sides” of things, we will extend our life-span(s) as well as increase our quality of life.

Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary, social psychologists, came up with the “belongingness hypothesis” in 1995, and claimed that the “need to belong is a fundamental human motivation… and that much of what human beings do is done in the service of belongingness.”

I don’t collect paradigms, quarters or dollar coins, I collect the voids in selfless soul’s spirits and try to help them fill the gaps with joy-filled love….