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Forever Fierce Members celebrating their annual get-together weekend in LA!

Join the Midlife Revolution!

Forever Fierce: Making Midlife Cool

It has been the Year of Women Rising! Female voices are no longer subdued or silent, but openly powerful and relevant. It has also been the Year of Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution in which an overlooked demographic has organically come together in a Sisterhood to celebrate who we are while proudly announcing that “We know who we are. We know what we stand for. And we have the ability to change the world!” For the first time in history, a single demographic has health and vitality, wisdom and life experience, the ability to create and reinvent, and wealth and influence to match. That demographic is Midlife women. And we are celebrating those women in 2018’s Forever Fierce Campaign. Who knew women at Midlife were so cool?!

It was just one year ago that a tiny grass roots campaign called The Fierce50 brought together a group of age 50+ bloggers to unite their voices and connect and celebrate one another. What began with four Fashion Bloggers, ended up with over seventy-five women from all walks of life, who chose to use their blogging platform to have their voices heard. A community naturally developed, centering upon inclusivity, tolerance, support, and collaboration and it quickly became a Sisterhood. This Forever Fierce Community is now a Facebook Group whose members number in the thousands and has rippled across the globe to encompass women from Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and South America,. Women at Midlife and beyond are rising up and demanding that their voices be heard and their collective wisdom be valued. These diverse, confident, and empowered women are launching their own Revolution: The Midlife Revolution. Growing up, we were taught the Midlife we saw was the beginning of the end. Midlife isn’t an end, but rather a powerful beginning, fueled with a wealth of wisdom garnered through decades of life experience. It’s the one thing that can’t be purchased in our material world. It must be earned.

Society has had its own unchanging perception of the mature female demographic. Sometimes, reality and perception are, not only not a match, but as in this case, diametrically opposed! Leaders and Voices such as Oprah, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed and Maya Angelou are courageous examples of Midlife women who not only rose, but came into their “wholehearted being” as role models leading the way in the midst of their Second Act. We are beginning to see the shift of a paradigm with more mature models such as Maye Musk, closing in on her 70’s, and unapologetically gracing the covers of fashion magazines to luxury advertisements.

Outspoken men such as David Harry Stewart, a cofounder of Ageist and a co-host on The Forever Fierce Show, has done extensive research on this demographic. In an article recently published on his site, “The Future is Female,” David says “Something is happening when women are in their mid-50’s. It’s: game on, this is my time, let’s get this done. Female turbo mode.” You can’t argue with David, at least I wouldn’t want to, as the research and statistics firmly back up his outspoken voice.

If you connect to the world of social media in any way, you may have felt a rumbling … and the ripple effect of women at Midlife rising and demanding that their voices be heard! They are proudly celebrating their life experience, and asserting that their productive and creative capacity be taken seriously. Jodie Filogomo, part of a powerful Midlife trio on her blog stepped into the role of Director of The Forever Fierce Campaign. Jodie exemplifies the values of the new Midlife woman: Fiercely collaborative rather than competitive, heart-centered, kind, compassionate and supportive. Last summer, Jodie hit the ground in LA to celebrate with the women of Forever Fierce in an a weekend extravaganza “offline.” National brands dedicated to supporting this demographic, including Chico’s and Madison Reed sponsored the events, including a big bash at the Redondo Beach Hotel. She is an advocate for older women and shares her philosophy: “ For the past few years I’ve been trying to convince the women I know that age doesn’t matter. That women of any age, shape or size are fabulous and have lots to contribute. Finding this Forever Fierce group instantly resonated with my ideology!”

And it’s been a stimulating journey seeing fierce women unite. women of the Forever Fierce Community are creating a vibrant, empowered, and cool frame around Midlife, shifting the current perspective, and rocking it with the force of the Phoenix Rising, deeply from within. There is extensive research backing up this powerful force, such as this article about MIT Professor Joseph Coughlin and his work explaining why The Future is Female Over 50.

It’s all about Voices. Lend your voice to Forever Fierce Day on February 19th when the campaign goes live, featuring 50 Midlife Bloggers, showcasing hundreds of women they are connected to and giving these women the opportunity to be heard and seen. The bloggers invited, hosting the voices of the Midlife women, have been chosen not by metrics, such as the size of their following or because of how popular they are. The bloggers have been selected exclusively because they have shown themselves to be heart centered, caring, and compassionate. They thrive in the ability and desire to selflessly utilize their platforms in service to give women who do not have such a platform, the opportunity to be heard and seen as relevant! The only metric that matters here is the size of a woman’s heart! This is a special group of Bloggers who have been there day in and day out, serving the Forever Fierce Community, authentically supporting their Sisterhood with kindness, compassion, and uplift.

One year ago, The Fierce 50 Campaign launched with a viral article on Thrive Global and naturally evolved into something far greater, proving we are stronger together! It has quickly morphed into a full-blown movement, with thousands of women joining the ranks, spread simply by word of mouth. The time has come for women of all ages to stand up, and more importantly, to stand for something much greater than themselves. The power lies in their numbers, garnering visibility while gathering momentum by the moment, springing many of these women at Midlife and beyond back into life and into action. These Midlife women are on a mission filled with passion, purpose and meaning. That mission has become Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution. Join the Campaign. Join the Movement. Truly…it’s only just beginning!

If you’re a woman at Midlife and beyond, wondering how you can participate, there are many ways to join the Revolution. The Forever Fierce Facebook Community is a fiercely supportive network. Share in our Forever Fierce Day Celebration across social media on February 19th by posting your answer to the question: “What does it mean to be FIERCE at Midlife?” in 150 words or less. Use the #ForeverFierce and #ForeverFierceDay. Post anywhere you like whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or on a post-it on your bathroom mirror! The Forever Fierce Show is every week Tuesday at 11am PST, 2pm EST with an additional show at 1pm PST, 4pm EST every other week. All podcasts are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. The show is THE VOICE of The Forever Fierce Community and we would love to hear from you! If you are interested in more information, send an email to



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Catherine Grace O’Connell

Ageism Positivist, Empowerment Cat-Alyst, CEO of Forever Fierce Media, Creator of, Founder of The Forever Fierce Revolution Global Community