Juan Patron: “At 12 Years Old, Juan Moved From Colombia In Search Of A Better And Brighter Future”

Sam Sawchuk
Mar 26, 2017 · 2 min read

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Juan Patron is one of our generation’s leading business innovators. Through innovative marketing strategies, Juan helps propel companies into a variety of markets nationally and internationally. At 12 years old, Juan and his family moved from Cali, Colombia in search of a better and brighter future. Driven out by a Civil War, the Patrons found homage in Miami, Florida where they began their journey to create a more successful future. I took the time to speak to Juan about his firm, the 2020 Effect Agency, and his journey as an entrepreneur.


Q: What are some challenges you faced when developing your venture?

The hardest part for my young team has being able to build credibility with big companies, so they are able to put their full trust in us to execute on their vision. We may be a young team, but we know what we are talking about in regards to digital marketing.

Q: Was there any point when you thought it was over? That you were going to fail?

Entrepreneurship is roller coaster — Every time I’m frustrated I always try and think about my vision for starting this company and it allows me to refocus.


Q: As an entrepreneur how important has flexibility been in developing your venture?

My phone for the last few years has been to not live beyond my means. If I need a new phone or car I try and hold off and then I am able to put some of that money into building my business.


Q: What was was your spark, where did it come from?

I am an entrepreneur full of vision and I am eager to change the market & society for the better. We live in the age of information, and what better way to improve the world than educating the masses — This has always been our number one priority.

4. What are your non-work habits that help you with your work-life balance?

I’m have always been passionate about reading history books. I believe learning about our past is important to understand where we could be headed in the future.

5. What is your best tip for entrepreneurs?

Hard work and dedication are necessary to reach the apex of success — work hard!

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