Just A Thought

Have You Ever Wondered?

1. Why do some women call themselves Kings? Is being a Queen not enough?

2. Why do troublemakers get angry when their targets finally respond?

3. Why aren’t there ever any homemakers on women empowerment panels? Is a woman choosing to work hard from home full time not to be celebrated?

4. Why do people with certain statuses and high profile careers feel entitled to treat others as disrespectful as they please?

5. Why do some believe that one’s blessings have to be another’s intimidation?

6. Why do some believe that kindness have to mean manipulation?

7. Why are there millionaires and billionaires, yet so many are struggling to afford healthcare?

8. Why do some who support women power, but take part in belittling other women?

9. Why do some support celebrities successful businesses/empires, but doesn’t have time for their family and friends’ start-up companies?

10. Why do some put a time limit on crying? Why should one suppress emotions that will eventually spill over in another area of their life?

11. Why do some think men aren’t supposed to cry? Why don’t they know he’s strong if he does?

12. Why are people without careers often considered unsuccessful? Why not look into who they are as a person? Do they not know that is the real success anyway?

13. Why do some call those who aspire to succeed at something positive and uplifting, “wannabes?” Well, was Oprah and so many of the ones they love “wannabes” too?

14. Why do so many fail to celebrate their deserving loved ones while they’re here? Do they not know they can’t cherish that memory when they’re asleep/gone?

15. Why do some cause injustice in the world? Do they not know that God is real?

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